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"Treehouse of Horrors XX" Recap

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iO Cable Description: Lisa sets out for revenge against Miss Hoover; zombies overrun Springfield; after falling threw a trap door at Moes's, Homer becoming half man, half-brewing apparatus.

Well this was a good Halloween episode. I don't think the entire episode tops past halloween specials, but I really enjoyed one of the stories. You'll find out later, but I'll start with the beginning sequence.

Well since it's Halloween, a mummy, Frankenstein (or the monster to those of you who have read the Shelley's novel), a werewolf and Dracula go out because it is the one night that they fit in. However, the bullies (dressed in a black Spidey suit and Heath Ledger's joker) convince them that their costumes are of the Turner classic movie era. So, the do a quick change. For example, Frankenstein wears a Sponge Bob suit, the Mummy dresses as a Pirate of the Caribbean, Dracula is Iron Man and the Werewolf is my FAVORITE...Harry Potter! Yay!

So they arrive at Homer (Zorro) and Marge's (cat) Halloween party. Things get naughty as Frankenstein hooks up with Nelson's mom and the Mummy shares a beer with Edna. Then their monster girlfriends show up and begin to fight with their monster husbands. Homer tells them "It's not cheating when wearing a costume." As any monster lady would, they tear off his head and throw it in the punch bowl. His eyes are in the form of two X's which is a part of the Treehouse of Horror XX title.

After a celebrity shoutout for the Simpson's 20th anniversary, they start with the first episode entitled, "Dial M for Murder...or # for the main menu." Well the episode starts with Ms. Hoover picking a student for something special, I don't remember what, Lisa expects to be picked. However, surprisingly Ms. Hoover picks a never before seen Asian student named Hubert Wong. Lisa is furious and complains to the point to where she is sent to detention. Lisa tells her problem to Bart and he decides that they should do a "criss-cross." This involves Lisa pranking Ms. Krabappel and Bart pranking Ms. Hoover. They would never be suspected because they lack motive. Unless you can count doing something nice for your sibling.

So, Lisa goes to Edna's house, ensures that Bart has an alibi (mooning people at a baseball game), and she rings Edna's doorbell then runs away. Lisa tells Bart about her ding dong ditch, but Bart shows Lisa Ms. Hoover's head. Lisa is in shock because she didn't know that Bart's idea of a ding dong ditch involved killing a ding dong and dumping the body in a ditch. So, Bart encourages her to kill Krabappel because of their criss-cross deal..."criss-cross, criss-cross." So, Lisa quickly has the chance to kill Krabbapel with paper cutter, but she doesn't.

Bart confronts Lisa in the girl's bathroom. When Lisa asks him why he is there, he responds he wanted to check up on her and find out how girls pee. Definitley a laugh out loud moment there. Upon finding out that Lisa failed, he tells her that if she doesn't kill Edna, Willy will because he also was involved in a criss cross deal with Bart involving principal Skinner's head. Lisa realizes that Bart is officially a psychotic killer and decides she has no choice, but to kill him. A chase ensues and the drawings get really abstract and strange almost like a picasso work. Finally, Lisa meets Bart on a school yard spinning thing, but decides not to kill him. So she throws the knife away, but it ends up fatally hitting Bart in the head anyway. Edna is pleased. Overall, it was a really good story with a lot of laughs. My favorite of the night. I give it a B+.

The next two stories weren't as great.

The second one involved Krusty's Burger squared. It is a burger that contains the meat of a cow that was fed the meat of other cows. After taking a bite Kent Brockman is transformed into a zombie that eats people or as it is called in the episode, a muncher. When he bites Krusty, Krusty becomes a muncher. 28 days after this event, we find the Simpsons locked up in their home as the munchers rule the street, including a muncher Ralph who eats himself. Bart who is sick of eating healthy food in his home decides to sneak out to Krusty Burger for a hamburger that he sees on the table. When he returns his family assumes he is muncher so Homer attempts to hit him with a book. Lisa stops him insisiting that is the last book in world, but quickly changes her mind when finds out it's entitled Arsenio.

When they find out that Bart is not a muncher they consult Dr. Hibbert about what to do. Hibbert informs them that Bart is immune to the infection while fighting off several munchers. Soon, munchers start breaking into the Simpsons' home. Apu helps them to escape and even sacrifices his life for them to escape (or at least it seemed that way to the Simpsons). They eventually find a dead Mr. Burns on the ground. Homer teases him and he bites Homer and turns him into a Muncher. Eventually the make it to a safe zone. When they find out that Bart is immune to the disease, a person suggests that they eat Bart. Marge asks, "what people eat the flesh and blood of their savior?" To which Reverend Lovejoy awkwardly pulls at his collar. Instead they decide to allow Bart to bathe in their food and they remain healthy and immune to the muncher disease.

Overall, this episode had a few moments, but it felt like it went by too fast and I didn't enjoy the story too much. I give it a C+.

The last story was called, "There's No Business Like Moe Business." Basically the story involved, Homer accidentally falling in a trap door in Moe's and getting impailed on the liquor machine. His blood and guts cause the beer to be extra tasty. It even allows Moe to convince Marge that Homer left her because he is gay and that she should be with him instead. In the end, Marge's tears bring Homer back to life and is able to meet Marge although he is still impaled with the beer machine.

The good thing about this episode is the creativity with which it is setup. It is based on the play Sweeney Todd, so there is a lot singing, an audience, makeup artists who make Homer look like he is dying, curtains, and other cool things. Other than that it wasn't really funny and I didn't understand much of the references. I give it a C-.

I hope you enjoyed the episode more than I did.

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