Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick Update

It has been a while since I've written. This is because there have some Simpsons repeats and such. But I haven't written a review for The Devil Wears Nada because I just started working in a department store to make money. Still no real career jobs out there. But I'll be updating the site with that along with some other awesome stories. Here are some things I plan to address in the future.
  • The Devil Wears Nada recap.
  • Daniel Radcliffe playing a RPattz's vampire character in a future episode of the Simpsons
  • A New Moon review from me
  • Funny Moe Syzlack quotes from IGN.

Until next time. My schedule is kind of nutz because of the holiday season and I'm working Black Friday. My meet feet won't feel the same after that I am sure. Anyway I watching Pranks and Greens right now. I'll rewatch it online to take notes and expect a recap soon. Ughh Jonah Hill not much of fan, except in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But it's nice that the Judd Apatow actors are getting there Simpsons moments.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Simpsons Scene It; Sacha Baron Cohen on The Simpson

Yes, it looks like there is a Scene It? for the Simpsons. This is the best news since the Scene It? for Harry Potter. I need to purchase both Scene Its. I think the cover is pretty clever with all the characters eyes all line up. To find out more information about this product check out the article here. Are you as excited as I am about this? It's only $30.

Also, according to Jweekly, Sacha Baron Cohen will voice a tour guide on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons entitled "The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed." It is expected to air March 28th. For more info check out Jweekly.

Simpsons Scavenger Hunt; How did you do?

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates, but I just started a job in retail (stupid economy). Also, there was no new episode of the Simpsons last Sunday like I expected. However, I did manage to participate in the Simpsons Scavenger Hunt which was surprisingly easy. You didn't even really have to watch the shows in order to get the questions right and they gave you multiple chances to get it right. I managed to get two Simpsons wallpaper (the one with Maggie and the other with Homer). I hope that my assumption about watching the Simpsons to get the clues didn't throw anyone off. I got confused, but I caught on eventually. It was fun though. What did you get?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Homer on Wisteria Lane?

Yup, but not in the way they showed Homer in that Treehouse of Horrors episode where Homer was 3d character. It is actually Dan Castellaneta who will appear on ABC's Desperate Housewives as a pilot who crashes his Oceanic Airlines plane on the show. So that episode will feature 2 of my big obsessions, The Simpsons and Lost. Don't get too excited though, Oceanic Airlines is the official fake airline of ABC. That's why there was an ad for it in one of my other fave shows, Flashforward.

It would be so cool if they drew a connection between the Lost crash and this crash. I don't know who would want to fly on that airline ever again. The episode is going to air December 6th. Check out more information about the episode and Dan's appearance here.

Simpsons News Consolidated; Yankees!

There have been alot of things in the news about The Simpsons lately because of its 20th anniversary. Wired has a really good article up about all the things that are going on including Ortved's book, the Scavenger Hunt, details about the new episodes premeiring soon and just ideas about why the Simpsons has lasted this long. Check out the article here.

Speaking of Ortved, check out a review for his book The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History here. The review is pretty good, but it does state that Matt Groening and other key figures are left out of the story and that he also disregards the shows later years (definite pet peeve for me there). But I still think I will check it out and so should you. Send me your opinions on it, too.

Also Congratulations Yankees! aka the Bronx Bombers! I am so happy that they won because (1) I'm from New York and (2) The Simpsons will be on at their regular time again. In addition, the Office will also be coming on afterwards as usual. Also a new episode of the Simpsons (Devil Wears Nada) will be on this weekend. Can't wait :-)

I also cannot wait until the Scavenger Hunt next week. I need to start preparing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Fake Simpsons Products

I decided to skip this story the other day, but I keep seeing it in the news. Well there is this list that has some of the most "awesome" fake Simpsons products. This includes things like the Krusty Home Pregnancy test, Nuts and Gum and Malk (with Vitamin R). People who commented on the list pointed out the list is missing really interesting Simpsons products like Tomacco and Mr. Sparkle. How about Malibu Stacy and other products that are common, but very popular in the show. Check out the list here and tell me what you think should be included.

Monday, November 2, 2009

FOX Announces the Simpsons Scavenger Hunt: Release the Hounds!

As you know the Simpsons are celebrating their 20th Anniversary and FOX just announced one of the big events. In a press release entitled, "RELEASE THE HOUNDS! FOX UNLEASHES “THE SIMPSONS” ON-AIR SCAVENGER HUNT."

In the press release they explain that the Scavenger Hunt starts Monday November 9th and ends Friday November 13th (ooo Friday the 13th). Every night after watching The Simpsons episodes you log on to the and test your knowledge. You can win downloadable extras and enter to win the ultimate grand prize (trip to LA, table reading with the Simpsons cast and more).

I don't know about you, but I'm excited. I watch The Simpson every night as if it were a chore, so to think I can possibly be rewarded for doing just that makes me really happy. The prize it definitely worth it. I can't wait to see what the downloadable content is. I will definitely spend hours on my computer waiting for it download. I would love the opportunity to go to LA (I'm on the East coast) and be part of that awesome experience out there, too. But yeah I'll try to provide updates on the downloads and I'll also try put a reminder update on the site for the start of the contest.

To learn more about the competition and the prize check out the press relase here.

Did you Know there is a Simpsons Comic Book?

Hey Readers! Hope you had an awesome Halloween. I skipped Halloween (didn't go outside or get dressed up), but I did watch some scary movies and eat lots of candy. So, I still had fun. But welcome to November. The Simpsons haven't been on the past weekends, but there are some recent news.

Today I discovered there are Simpsons comics. I don't really know much about them, but I found out that they are having a special 50th comic drawn by Sergio Aragones. It's entitled Mad About Sergio. If you're a fan of comics and a fan of the Simpsons (I'm guessing you are because you're on this website) learn more information here.