Friday, October 16, 2009

See Your Own Simpsons Character on the Show!

-->picture of myself Simpsonized

Have you ever wanted to create a Simpsons character and see it on the show? Then here is your chance. According to Yahoo News, the show is having a contest in which you create and Simpsons character and if you win they will appear on a 2010 episode that will also include Coldplay's Chris Martin. In order to enter the contest you must be 18 years old and submit your entry to before October 23rd. The winner will be announced in November. The only rules seem to be that your character is a human (no Poochies -_-), the fit the overall coloring of Simpsons characters, and that they be funny. In your entry, you are expected "to describe the character's traits, including his or her name or nickname; age; appearance; occupation and catch phrases" (Yahoo News, Oct.14, 2009). Good luck creating your Simpsons character!

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