Friday, October 30, 2009

The Simpsons, a Nerdy Pleasure for Gervais?

According to the Guardian online website, Ricky Gervais loves the Simpsons as much as I do. LoL. Who knows maybe he loves it more, but you know I doubt it. I say this because he seems to share the same attitude I have about these later seasons of The Simpsons. In the article he says,
"When people nitpick and say, "That wasn't a very good season", I want to go, "No, it wasn't the best season. But it was still the best thing on TV that year". It's wickedly satirical, they take on everything and they nail it so that you can never go there again. It's the only thing I'm a real nerd over. "

I think I wrote something very similar in one of old posts. I officially love Ricky Gervais. The first time I saw him was actually on that episode of The Simpsons called "Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife" not to long ago. Yup, I had no idea who he was until I saw his name at the end of that episode. Later I saw him on the Emmys where he did that really funny bit with Steve Carrell and several times after that. In addition, I just started watching The Office (the American Version). I would love to start blogging about that show....

Maybe I will... The Simpsons and The Office 430....that would be awesome :-)

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