Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interesting Simpsons Website: Eye On Springfield

photo from Eye on Springfield--->
It seems the common belief is that The Simpsons were only good during maybe the first 10 seasons. Although I agree the quality has decreased over the years, I also accept it and don't like to talk about. I feel if we, as Simpsons fans, criticize it too much we will miss all the good things about the show. It's still good and we should encourage others to tune in. I also accept the show because I like the format and style of the Simpsons and I don't want the Simpsons to turn to different or more crude forms of humor (Family Guy I'm looking at you!).

Well this is the only reason why I hesistated to recommend this site, but hey like I said it seems like the common belief is that after season 9 it began to suck. But I still recommend it because I love the name :-) and I really like the screencaps they posted. Check out Eye on Springfield here!

PS - it doesn't look like they update too often, so check in now and again.

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