Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looking at "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly"

This latest episode of the Simpsons was really enjoyable. "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly" definitely had some laugh out loud moments. I guess I'll give my recap in terms of the title's reference to the statement the the good, the bad and the ugly.
The Good
The new beginning sequence was pretty good. The Simpsons ran through the Jungle only to encounter their monkey counterparts on the couch.
The Sad
Both Lisa and Bart had some sad moments. Lisa was upset about the condition of Springfield in 50 years. Let's just say global warming got the best of the town ;) Bart was upset that his new girlfriend Jenny (voiced by Anne Hathaway) dumped him because she found out he was a bad boy.
The Drugly
Lisa got some help for her "environmental dismay" (I need to double check if that is what they called it) with help of ignore-it-all (sp?), a drug for depression. Side effects include seeing smiley faces...EVERYWHERE!!! LoL.

Well the main story line had to do with Milhouse taking the blame for a collaborative prank with Bart. They unscrewed all the screws in the school which led to everything falling apart including Ralph's sandwich...poor Ralph :D

While Milhouse is suspended and forced to stay at home, Bart meets Jenny at the Nursing Home. Bart convinces her he's a good boy while Homer speculates that Milhouse is the mysterious El Barto. I guess Skinner is not the only one who can't figure it out.

Bart continues to woo Jenny (the Bullies beat him up as they try to woo Shawna LoL), but forgets all about Milhouse. Milhouse discovers Bart has a girlfriend and tries to break them up.

Milhouse shows up at a water park (I think it was called Sea Level) and shows Jenny a dolphin that fears Bart part due to past abuses involving 7up. Bart is forced to confess who he really is to Jenny. Jenny dumps him after about 5 seconds of reasoning . Poor Bart is not comforted by the fact he still has his family for support and neither is Homer hence their crying. In the end, Bart makes up with Milhouse.

Meanwhile Lisa is going through her own drama. Through research for a paper about Springfield in 50 years, she learns that Springfield is doomed. Some of the future headlines include: "Water Gone People Drink Soap" and "Last Polar Bear Hangs Self in Kitchen," these were pretty hilarious. She is soon prescribed ignoreitall and she sees smiley faces everywhere. ("hello smiley face"). Even the blood pouring from PO Wiggums body after Snake shoots him looks like a yellow and black stream of happy faces. This made me think of Watchmen...I still need to see that movie!

After Maggie nearly hurts with Lisa with a spinning fan (Maggie is a bad girl, yet she couldn't fend off the bullies in the last episode), Marge takes Lisa off of the drugs and Lisa learns to face the real world.

I thought this episode was really good. The Bart and his girlfriend plot has been done before, but I enjoyed the extra things like Nelson giving Bart sticks of gum as if they were condoms and Bart's transformation into "the boy every mother dreams of - a girl" (Marge). Lisa story really helped it though.

What did you think of this latest installment of the Simpsons?


  1. How can you not mention Homer swatting a fly with his head?

  2. LoL that was one of the many good moments that I got too lazy to write about. Maybe I'll rewatch the episode and do an update.