Sunday, October 11, 2009

"The Great Wife Hope" Recap

iO Cablevision Description: The men of Springfield becom obsessed with mixed martial arts; Marge and her friends decide to stage a protest.

Couch Gag: This is the same couch running away from the Simpsons. They follow its tracks and they finally find it in space and it meteors down to the house.

The episode starts at the Ladies Crazy bowling night. Marge was bowling with oven mittens, Lu-Ann (? or just Mrs. VanHouten) wore a blindfold and the others wore crazy accessories of their own. They then realize there are no men in the alley, only the crazy lady bowling her cats. We then see that the men are not at Moes, in the stadium, or at the police station.

We soon discover that allll the men are at the UPKCC or the Ultimate Punching, Kicking, and Choking Championships. After watching a fight, Homer urges Bart not to try what he has seen at home, but encouraged him to try to fight in the school yard so they can sue the school, the county, and the state. LoL.

So, of course all the boys are fighting in the school yard the next day. Nelson beats up Milhouse, but Bart manages to get him in a leg lock. When Marge comes to pick up the kids from school, she asks Lisa about Bart and Lisa encourages her to follow the "die, die, die" chant coming from the playground. Marge finds Bart fighting Nelson and immediately breaks them up. She warns him that if only her father knew that he would be in trouble, but then we see Homer cheering him on at the side of the scene.

Marge is upset and vents that "ultimate makes everything worse." Otto counters except frisbee...i have to disagree I had deal with a bloody finger after an intense game of ultimate frisbee in high school. She decides to do something about. So she leads a group of picketing mothers outside the nex UPKCC event. After seeing no quick results she decides to go inside the event...perfect opportunity for the other moms to turn talk crap about Marge and they take full advantage...Mrs. Hibbert questions why Maggie never talks and they assume that she has gone through some type of trauma.

Meanwhile Marge enters the fighting area, the Septagon, and the people worry when they realize that she has natual breasts ("that can't be good"). Marge then asks the owner to get out of the business and donate their profits to charity. The owner, Chett, agrees to shutdown the company if Marge fights him 1-on-1 and wins. Marge surprisingly accepts the challenge.

So, Bart and Homer encourage her not to fight, but Marge decides she will fight. Even Lisa ask Homer, against all the feminist bones in her body, "Can't you control your women?" Marge begins to prepar by rhythmic know the kind with the ribbon? Yeah, I love it, but it's definitely not great practice for a fight.

Luckily, Marge gets some better training in. Homer asks Carl to hook him up with Drederick Tattum. Carl is upset because Homer assumes that he would know Tattum just because they are both black. Luckily for Homer he met Tattum at a party that for Bleeding Gums Murphy at Dr. Hibberts house (LoL remember when they were all driving to work together). So, Marge trains against Drederick Tattum by working the tattoos on his body, the Chinese guy who almost killed Homer with that poison blowfish, and "wrestles" Mr. Burns. She even gets pointers from the bullies who allow her to use their punching bag (Martin and Skinner are tied up inside). In a last ditch effort to stop the fight, Homer dresses up as Marge. But the only person who believes his imitation is Moe who takes him to his reunion.

After all of these efforts Marge is still set on fighting Chett. Homer urges her not to get, but as soon as the match begins Marge is knocked down by a single punch from Chett. Chett acknowledges that this is the "1st time a hit a woman I didn't love." Umm can someone say abuser, reminds me of the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. Anyway, Bart enters the Septagon to save his mom, but Chett easily overpowers him and this time says "I'll fight anyone not my own size." So yeah Chett is a bully, too. The mother in Marge is awakened when she sees her child hurt and she quickly pins him.

After the fight Marge takes the opportunity to preach nonviolence, but the audience already left to watch two drunks fight in the parking lot. So yeah no one really learned anything from the ordeal except that Marge is the #1 nag.

The episode ended with Lisa and Bart about to fight in the septagon. After a black screen we see Lisa beat Bart with a single punch. I didn't expect that. Overall, I enjoyed this episode in its originality. It also had some good laughs. What did you think? By the way, Chett was played by Chuck Lidell...who is that?

Until next time readers :)

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