Thursday, October 22, 2009

Share Your Favorite Simpsons Line

Once again the NY Times arts section is discussing The Simpsons. This time it concerns viewers' favorite lines. At the moment, I can't really think of my favorite, but I do enjoy saying and shouting ,"Why do I always think of the perfect thing to say after I leave...Shut up Becky!" LoL I can't ever forget that line. Oh yeah and the whole, "I managed to pull the chip out without any Brain Damage-amage-amage." My quotes are not really accurate, but you get the idea.

Well there are some awesome ones on the site including:

“Awww, looks just like me. Ya got the stink lines and everything.” (Moe remarking on a drawing a child made of him) — Slim White

“Acchh my retirement grease!” (Groundskeeper Willie) — GK

Check out more of the quotes here and if your a student over 13 contribute some of your favorite quotes here.

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