Friday, October 9, 2009

Marge Simpson Poses for Playboy?

Photo from the NY Post -->

Say it ain't so. Well unfortunately it is. Marge Simpson is posing for Playboy!

I just went on Twitter not too long ago and I saw that the name Marge Simpson as a trending topic. Initially, I was excited. I thought something awesome has happened for Marge to be popular. Then I began to think the worst. Oh no the lady who played Marge's voice must have passed away (I was wrong). I then clicked on the trending topic and saw that most posters were claiming that Marge was going to pose for the November issue of Playboy. So I had to check on google and looks like it's true. You can see from the pic of this post.

The prude in me is saying "what?! why is this happening? Why is this necessary?" Then I thought, "wait who would care to see a Simpsons character naked? We already saw parts of Bart that we never saw in the Simpsons movie and that wasn't too interesting. Just a little shocking. Who would enjoy this?" Finally, I thought a Simpsons character is a trending topic on Twitter and it showed that this is giving the Simpsons A LOT of publicity. Also there may be a crazy story behind it on the Simpsons and I think that everyone will love to see that episode.

According to the NY Post, there won't be any actual nudity, but implied nudity (makes me think of the episode where Homer and Marge were running around naked and stopped in front of yard pieces). Playboy are basically trying to attract younger readers to the magazine. I hope to see the pics, but I'm not buying the magazine.
The scans of Marge in Playboy are now online. It looks like Homer and Marge took these pics while they were living in Alaska after The Simpsons Movie. All I have to say is so much for "implied nudity." Check out the pics HERE.

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