Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Bart Gets a Z" Recap

I/O Cable Description: Bart and the rest of his class decided to teach Mrs. Krabappel a lesson when she confiscates their cell phones.

Chalkboard: Chalkboarding is not toture.

Everyone has been annoyed at their teacher, but would you go as far as to replace her coffee with alcohol in order to mellow her out? That is the question of last Sunday's episode of the Simpsons. But I've gotten ahead of myself.

The episode starts with Mrs. Krabappel waking up grading papers like any normal stressed out teacher. She says mantras in the mirrors ("today will be a good day") and drives to work while listening to million year old songs. However, she is faced with something that is relatively new, kids texting on their cell phones in class. She eventually confiscates all the student's cell phones.

The students decide to find a way make Edna a more enjoyable teacher. This leaves the students with the only one choice, to get as much liquor as possible (some get it from their parent's secret stashes while Bart takes the easy route with internet site Ebooze) to put in Edna's coffee. After replacing Edna's coffee with a crazy cocktail creation, she becomes a lot more fun (she wobbles down the hallway and hits on the music teacher). However, her behavior at the Goodbye to Exchange Students Ceremony is unacceptable and Skinner is forced to fire her.

Bart, who feels guilty for getting Edna fired, takes it upon himself to check in on Edna. When he discovers a broke and depressed Edna in her apartment he decides to help her. After drinking hot chocolate with Milhouse in the local coffee house, Bart learns about a book called the Answer. It provides the reader with the Answer to achieving their desires. Bart buys the book and decides to give it to Edna to help cheer her up.

Meanwhile at the school Bart's class has been assigned a young hip, Tufts graduate teacher named Zach. He drinks Blue Bronco (a play on Redbull) and texts the children their homework. His first assignment asks for 20 minutes of twittering. All the kids like him and Homer loves him because he advises him relax and allows him bawl loudly.

Bart, however, still feels guilty and helps Edna to find the Answer. The first step is to write her dream on the Index Card of Fate (owning a muffin shop), breaking down the desire into wishes and then converting them into wishable actions. In the end, Edna gets her muffin shop called Edna's Edibles and Bart gets Flame Vision. Bart decides this is the time to admit that he got the students to put alcohol in Edna's coffee that crazy morning. Edna is furious. She complains that although she achieved her dream, she is a ton of debt and that she moved onto the most muffin shop populated block in town (Muffin Marts, etc). In addition, she tells Bart that she thought he had a spark of decency, but admits she was wrong and tells Bart that he is also bad on the inside.

Bart is hurt and asks his dad if he thinks that he has a kernel of good in him. Homer remarks that a kernel is probably too big LoL. In order to prove that he has decency, Bart decides to tell Skinner that he was responsible for Edna's actions (as opposed to his initial plan that involved Zach's Blue Bronco and even more liquor). Skinner understands, but says that he will reward Bart's honesty in the form of a severe punishment and explains with the unions and stuff it is virtually impossible to fire Zach. But before they even finish conversing they hear Zach singing an "I Hate Children" song in the hall. He admits that he mixed his own Blue Bronco with Vodka. Zach is eventually escorted out by Willie, but he leaves with many awful messages (like school is a waste of time and many other ideas that seem kind of true once you're out in the real world).

Edna is soon reinstated and forces the children to eat stale muffins as revenge.

Overall, I thought it was a good story, not too funny, but still good. It definitely had heart this time and I enjoyed that it addressed contemporary issues like electronics and texting in the classroom.

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