Sunday, May 3, 2009

Recap of "Waverly Hills, 9021-D'Oh"...Alaska Nebraska and Anton

Well this episode was pretty interesting. I don't remember laughing too much, but it definitely had its moments. I tuned in late and didn't get to see the beginning, so if you know it let me know. I still have finals, so I don't think I'll have any time to watch it again soon.

Well, in the first scene Marge was on a run and met a guy selling "Science Water," obviously a play on Vitamin Water except with flavors like "Purple," "Potato Lime," and "New Car Smell." They sound as a appealing as the real Vitamin Water flavors. Well after a taste test Marge has to use the bathroom really badly and the only place she finds with functioning toilets is Springfield Elementary. After using the bathroom she discovers that the school is horribly overcrowded...desks stacked on top of another and kids asking for help while squished against the doors...and sometimes teachers allow Ralph to teach (it seems he can read upside down and likes to jump out of windows when done with his lesson). Marge decides she wants to send her kids to a school in a better district.

Her choice is to send Bart and Lisa to a school in Waverly Hills; the Springfield version of Beverly Hills. Lisa wants to go because it is "better to have learned than lost than never learn again." Bart doesn't want lose Milhouse, so Homer makes fun of Bart by singing "Stand By Me" and he is quickly joined by Milhouse. I have to say that part didn't make much sense to me. I was left wondering how was that was supposed to be funny.

Well, in the end they decide to transfer Bart and Lisa, but Homer has to find an apartment in order to proves he lives in the rich district. So he goes to Cookie Kwan, #1 on the West Side, in order to find the cheapest, smallest, and most pathetic living space. After showing him a place she thinks fits his wishes, she asks Homer, "So cheap, ay?" and Homer who somehow hears this as a Asian language responds "so-shee-pay, so-shee-pay." That was one of the funniest parts of this episode.

When the family arrives to register the children, a Waverly Hills song plays in the background (a take on Weezer's Beverly Hills song) and they learn that they will have to prove their residence to the Inspector or Anton Chigurh, Javier Bardem's character No Country for Old Men. I just saw that movie a few weeks ago, so I was horrified by his presence. In this episode he used his air pressurizer to validate Homer's parking. Because of the inspector Homer is forced to live in his one room apartment in the Royal Waverly.

Meanwhile at the new school Bart and Lisa learn how to fit in. Bart has chief Wiggum fake his arrest so he looks like a rebel in exchange for Bart going to Ralph's birthday party. Lisa who is intially enthralled by the school's on campus stables, field trips to Europe and cafeteria with real meat has a harder time fitting in with the multiple Katelynns (this is just the spelling I chose) in the school and getting lame grades. Bart helps her out by telling everyone she is friends with teen popstar sensation Alaska Nebraska (I don't think I have to explain who this is supposed to be...okay she's like Hannah Montana), but Lisa doesn't even know who she is.

All is well until the Catelinnes ask to meet AL NE (aka Alaska Nebraska). Lisa is forced to beg AL NE for tickets. Alaska asks Lisa what is her fave episode of the show and Lisa just asks, "you have a show?" So Alaska who is obviously annoyed just tells her to do what she did to get popular at 16: get a new nose, get famous, and date a Clipper. She then pulls out a cigarette and admits to Lisa that she just lipsynched all of her advice. You gotta love Alaska. lol. In the end Alaska has her security (or insecurity guards as Lisa puts it) remove Lisa from her dressing room. The Katelins chase Lisa out of town because of her lying and for wearing last seasons shoes :)

Meanwhile, Bart faces trouble when he doesn't show up to Ralph's birthday party.

Homer and Marge are starting over thier relationship like a college couple because Homer is practically living in a dorm. They go to kegger parties, dance like weirdos and make out on a balcony. They even hook up Selma and Patty with some of Homer's neighbors. The guy with Selma is freaked out and wonders "what was I thinking?" Poor guy must have had some strong beer goggles LoL. H & M also go to a Tapas bar and Homer eventually gives her the key to his apartment. Like a typical women, I'm not included in this ;), Marge redecorates Homers apartment and Homer gets upset because he can't find his Wii.

In the midst of their bickering the Inspector, Anton, arrives. Marge and Homer are then forced to whip out all the kid toys and make a childlike mess. The inspector doesn't wait for him to open the door, but forces the lock out with his air pressurizer thing (just like in the movie). The lock hits Homer in the head. The Inspector comes to the conclusion that kids do live in the apartment and leaves his Friend-o Homer alone, but the Simpsons decide to leave town.

Sorry once again I'm pretty sure I flubbed the ending, but I think the rest of the description is cool. I really like this episode because of it's pop culture references. Alaska Nebraska was priceless. What did you think?


  1. Awesome episode!
    I like how The Simpsons still gets to flip off everything... I just hope the people who could use seeing it see it.

  2. I agree this episode was pretty good. And I love the Simpsons equal opportunity jokes against everyone and everything.

  3. the reason the Stand by Me song is funny is because Bart had just said something about missing his friends, prompting Homer to chide him by saying "Oh your grade school friends. You'll be friends with them FOREVER" (which nobody ever is!). Since the movie Stand By Me was about grade school friends who grew apart and aren't friends anymore, Homer starts to sing the song.

  4. Thanks for the it makes sense :)

  5. What was the song that played on this episode?
    I'm not talking about the Beverly Hills song by Weezer. I'm wondering what the song was that was playing while Home and Marge were at the apartment party. It played again at the end of the episode when they were in the treehouse.

  6. I'm not really sure because it's been a long time since I've seen the episode. However, I've done a bit of light research and found that some people think it's "Sometime" by Bloody Valentine or the swan song (not sure if that's real). I just suggest searching for these songs on YouTube and seeing if it matches.

  7. I searched both of those and it is neither.