Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recap of "Four Great Women and a Manicure"...finger lookin good :)

I have to say that (1) that I just got a manicure on Monday for graduation, so its hard for me to type and (2) this episode was kind of good, but not as great as the last few episodes.

This is gonna be a brief recap because my fake nails make it difficult to type. Okay, so the episode starts with the couch gag; the Simpsons get carved out of marble, but are quickly replaced with a man on a horse the artist finds more to his liking. I'm not sure if that structure exists, but there you go.

The main story line is about Marge taking Lisa to the nail salon (hence the title of this article). Marge and Lisa then exchange stories on the importance of being smart and powerful vs. beautiful as a women.

Marge starts with the story of Queen Elizabeth, who is portrayed by Patty, as the perfect example of a women who has those qualities. She only lacks, not a man, but a husband. I have to say the whole four hundred years before Kurt Gibson's famous home run was funny...what a random way to help establish a time frame. And who is Kurt Gibson? So yeah, Elizabeth searches for a husband but is stuck will pretty lame options. Prince Ralph of Austria ("off with my head"), Julio of Spain, and Sir Walter Raleigh (but he does have tobacco) and is played by Homer. So, after Julio is dumped he decides to attack England, but not before making sure that Lenny gets some bad things put inside him. Meanwhile Raleigh cheats with Elizabeth's maiden and Elizabeth catches him when in a towel and they are swiftly punished. Moe then confuses Elizabeth's body with that of Grendel and calls for Beowulf. When he realizes his error he tells of the coming invasion of the Spanish Armada. Raleigh exclaims "what Armada?" Moe replies "nothing what armada with you." That was hilarious and random. I like random jokes. So yeah England and Spain go to war and the English win because Raleigh accidentally sets the ship on fire and the "flaming dreamboat" (oh Julio :S) defeats Spain. Elizabeth finally proclaims that she doesnt need a man because she has a England...okayyy

So Lisa is about to tell her story of Snow White when a lawyer with atrociously long nails ("can you sharpen these") that I suppose are used to tear holes into people interrupts her. Lisa is forced to modify her dwarves to "crabby, drunky, hungry, greedy, lenny, kearny and doc-tor Hibbert" and there off to work song Ho Hi. With lines such as "we're bi, we're bi, we're bi" and use shrooms to get hi. The evil witch looks into her HDTV instead of mirror. She sends Willy to kill Lisa and has a box for Lisa's heart, body and Willy's body. Willy can't kill her or spider pig and doesn't manage to kill anything else. So Snow White is forced to eat the witch's apple, falls asleep and is brought to life by a lady doctor.

Marge tells the third story about a women who is held back by her husband. It's about a Marge who plays Lady MacBeth. In order to further her career she has Homer kill the other actors to get better roles until they are all dead. The ghosts haunt Marge and cause her to die of a heart attack, but even after Homer masters his monologue she still tries to get Homer to do other plays as a ghost, so Homer kills himself. ....ugh I didn't really see the point of this whole story. This made this episode lose points in my opinion. It might have fit better into a Halloween episode.

The last story is for Maggie and it is based on what Lisa describes as made for right wing losers. It is entitled The Foutainhead by Ayn Rand. The story is about Maggie Rourke, an architect, portrayed by our Maggie at a school called Medicri-tots. The teacher Mr. Toohey wanted all the children to conform to mediocrity, so he consistently tears down Maggie's blocks. At parent teacher night Homer admits that if he took care of toddlers there would be a lot of strangled babies LoL. Maggie continues to deny her teacher and is put on trial. She defends herself in Jodie Foster's voice...I never thought Maggie would sound like that. Well Maggie grows up to be a successful architect and encouraged other children to be creative. Alhtough Marge preaches a lesson of encouraging creativity, she doesn't follow it because in the last scene she discourages Maggie from using the nail polish to make her Starry Night-like art work on the wall of the salon. Mother knows best ;)

Okay as you can see this episode was very disjointed. The first two stories were uncanny and funny, but the last two were so random I didn't really laugh or get it much. Hope you enjoyed it more than I did. Can't wait for Lost tonight!


  1. The story about Homer and Marge in the play is a rendition of MacBeth. That's the point, that it is MacBeth. They cleverly use the setting of the play to tell its story.

  2. Wow I feel completely enlightened about the plot. Thanks for pointing that out. That makes the story a lot more interesting to me.