Monday, January 18, 2010

"Once Upon a Time in Springfield" Recap

Well, this was certainly a very average 450th episode of The Simpsons. I remember the 300th episode with Tony Hawk and it had many laugh out loud moments, but for some reason I really couldn't get into this episode...maybe because I knew the 20th Anniversary Special was following it, but here is brief recap.

Well, the episode started with Krusty being told that he no longer appeals to young girls and so the network execs decided to bring in a character named Princess Penelope. Princess Penelope, voiced by Anne Hathaway, sings, wears dresses and frolicks with Unicorns. So, naturally girls love her. After a while they decide to kick Krusty off the show.

Krusty is encouraged by Bart to plan a comeback, but when Krusty goes to confront the princess he learns that she has always been in love with him. She was even part of his fan club. As a couple they form a new Krusty show where they sing love songs to eachother and girls love it.

Meanwhile, Homer is disappointed that the Nuclear Plant no longer provides free doughnuts. A recruiter at the Capital City Nuclear Plant overhears Homer, Lenny and Carl's complaints and tries to get them to work at his plant. There they woudl be treated better and receive doughnuts as usual. However, as they are leaving Mr. Burns convinces them to stay by offering doughnuts made with the finest sugar and fried in the fat of extinct animals.

Krusty and Penelope have decided to have a Jewish wedding. Bart and Milhouse try to stop their wedding by bringing in Krusty's past wives like the late Eartha Kitt. Krusty decides to not ruin Penelopes life by marrying her. They then cut to a scene of Penelope heart broken and singing outside a restaurant in Paris. Krusty finds her there and they are happy together. The episode ends with the lines "Thanks for 20 wonderful years. The best is yet to come." It was initially supposed to say "Thanks for 20 wonderful years. Now stay turned for three Seth MacFarlane shows,” but they changed it since the special followed the show instead of the Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show. In the second airing of the episode it said something else, but unfortunately I can't remember it right now. Guess I'll have to wait for another repeat.

Overall, like I already said it was an okay episode. Not too many laughs, but it was nice to see that they do have girly shows in The Simpsons universe. I didn't know Anne Hathaway could sing or put on a strong Long Island accent like that. I also liked the scenes in Paris which were beautifully drawn as usual. It makes me miss Paris although I was only there for two days.

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