Sunday, January 10, 2010

"O Brother, Where Bart Though" Recap

Well this episode starts with the Simpsons watching a special show about the making of candy. This is worth mentioning because they say that gum drops are made of gelatin which is made from the hooves of the sickest about gross. No more Skittles for me. But then it moves onto there being Snowday. The weather is soo bad that they cancel school, but the snow and wind won't even let Bart out the door so he is forced to stay inside. Unfortunately, Bart isn't able to entertain himself with his Xbox or dvd player because there is a power outtage. Through this experience he is shocked to learn that most of his favorite things to do run on electricity ("Does Obama know about this?" LoL).

Bart soon finds that Lisa and Maggie are having fun playing fashion show. Because Bart is desperate he decides to join in. In the end, Lisa convinces Bart th$at he is jealous of their sisterhood because he will never have a brother. Bart doesn't care though because he plans on being a "bad ass loner like Wolverine" :)

However, when Bart goes to sleep he dreams that he is in Bro-Town USA. There he sees famous brothers like the Blue Brothers, Mario Brothers, Wright Brothers, Sideshow Bob and his brother, Cooper, Peyton and Eli Manning and the Smothers Brothers. Bart wakes up convinced that he does want a Brother. Bart tells Homer about his desire to have a brother, but Homer tells him that he like girls because they are easy because he doesn't have to tell them how theri body works. As for boys, all they have to do is "point and shoot." That was funny on multiple levels.

Knowing that he won't get help from his dad, Bart turns to his friends. In a scene straight out of South Park...because it is drawn like South Park... Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and a Kenny-like Ralph stand at a bus stop and discuss how they could trick Marge into getting pregnant. Soon, Otto comes with the bus hits Ralph ("Oh no I killed Kenny!" "Thats was Ralph" "Oh yeah that was yesterday").

So, Bart does several things in an attempt to get Marge pregnant. First he makes a romantic dinner to put Homer and Marge in the mood, but they are too full to do anything. Next, he puts a Kama Sutra DVD in their room, but it only succeeds in injuring his parents. Last, by suggestion of the bullies he tries to get rid of his moms birth control pills, but she catches him. But he does manage to get them into a tictac bottle that is later found by Nelson. Marge explains to Bart that even if she got pregnant Bart may end up with another sister. Bart then envisions himself walking down a street similar to 5th ave carrying the shopping bags of his three sisters in a scene straight out of Sex and the City. His third sister, voiced by none other than Kim Cattrall, talks about her experience on a plane and jokes that they "can't call it Virgin Airlines anymore."

In a last ditch effort to get a brother, Bart goes to an orphanage. There he meets and unofficially adopts a brother named Charlie who is voiced by Jordan Nagai who voices Russell in Disney Pixar's Up. He introduces Charlie to Homer as his best friend and tells him that he will be seeing a lot of him and Homer thinks he's a keeper because he doesn't wear glasses. He also introduces Charlie to his friends and Nelson, who is an emotional wreck because of all the birth control that he is confusing are "Tac Tics," cries and tells Bart that he deserves a brother.

Bart then starts teaching Charlie things like how to poke animals and prank Skinner. But after taking Charlie to see Sever 5 (by orderng Diversity Kitten tickets) and freaking him out he begins to realize that having a brother is more responsibility than he thought. On the way home, Chief Wiggum tries to apprehend Charlie, but Charlie tricks him, and he and Bart hide in a the snow. Lisa tries to convince them to go home before the Plow King, (Barney: the Plow King lives!), snows them in. But Bart takes too long to make an obvious decision and they are stuck inside the snow pile. But Bart and Charlie get themselves and Lisa out by pointing and shooting...that it is peeing a hole in the snow.

In the end, Charlie is adopted by a family of girls and Homer and Bart bond through a movie. Overall, I enjoyed this episode. There were good jokes and I loved the reference scenes especially the one about Sex & the City. Who doesn't love Kim Cattrall's voice. Oh yeah and Jordan Nagai was pretty good, too. I just saw Up and I really enjoyed his performance in that movie as well.

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