Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary to The Simpsons!

Wow what an awesome Sunday night. If you watched The Simpsons: 20th Anniversary Special: In 3D! On Ice! and the 450th episode you would know why. I barely watched the 450th episode I admit, but I did enjoy Anne Hathaway's New Yorker/Jersey Shore accent and the beautiful illustration in Paris as usual.

On the other hand, I watched the entire episode The Simpsons: 20th Anniversary Special: In 3D! On Ice! Although only a small portion of it was on ice and supposedly in 3D, it was an incredible special. It completely reiterates what The Simpsons means to people all around the world. I loved watching the opinions, the collectors, the voice actors and the creators. I especially loved the big Screw You! to the haters who complained about the shows quality in recent years ("I'm sure your not as good as you used to be 5 years ago"). The only part I didn't like was the whole Comic Con portion where I learned I am totally not a super fan. I didn't know the answer to any of those questions. I need to step my game up LoL, but I am an awesome fan.

I'll have some recaps for the special, the 450th episode and the two episodes I'm missing really soon. Hope the show made your Sunday more awesome than anything!

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