Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Pranks and Greens" Recap

Wow, its been its been a minute since I've seen this episode, so this is going to be a brief recap. Well the episode is about Bart finding out that he isn't the best prankster that ever existed at Springfield Elementary. Instead, it a guy named Andy voiced by a surprisingly pleasant Jonah Hill. I guess I find him enjoyable because cursing is not allowed on regular broadcast television. Don't get me wrong I loved Superbad and his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Funny People, but his dirty mouth is still unnerving. But yeah, Andy's prank "Night of the Wrigglers" is the prank that actually turned a somewhat easy going Skinner into the bitter and awkward Skinner we see today.

Bart eventually meets Andy and finds him really cool, but Lisa convinces Bart that he is a loser ("Loser, lossseerrr") because he is unemployed and lives with his mom. Sounds like Bart's life in a few years. So, Bart hooks Andy up with a job with Krusty the Clown. Andy quits after one day on the job, but Bart manages to get him rehired. When Bart checks in on Andy, he finds that a large order of earthworms are being shipped to Krusty's studio. Bart is afraid that Andy is recreating his prank, but luckily it is all apart of a skit for Krusty and we also find out that Andy has been hired as a writer for the show.

There is another storyline with Marge and other moms combatting childhood obesity and unhealthy food by selling cupcakes and cookies, but I don't really remember it.

Overall, this episode wasn't very memorable....obviously.

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