Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Thursdays With Abie" Recap

This episode starts at an aquatic park. Marge fills up her digital camera with pics form the parking lot...I thought that I was the only person who wasted their memory before they get to their destination... Well, once in the park Grandpa is bored and wants to sit around and tell stories, but Homer and the rest of the family are not interested. Instead they go into the presentation area to watch Slimu the octopus. He is like Shamu except appears uncomfortable and bored.

Abe, who is sitting outside, finds a guy who is actually interested in stories. So he tells him the story of how he rode sharks during WWII. We then find out that this interested guy is Marshall Goldman, a human interest columnist and that he wants to hear more of Grandpa Simpson's stories for his column. After hearing from Flanders that Abe is featured in a newspaper column and is now considered interesting, Homer becomes jealous and wonders why his dad never told him these stories.

Meanwhile back at school, Bart is chosen take home Larry tahe Lamb. Bart doesn't want Larry, but is forced to take him. We then see Bart frying Larry in a frying pan and soon Lisa catches Bart feeding Larry to Santa's Little Helper. Lisa saves Larry and decides to take care of him. Bart is mad and says "I thought Hindus like everything" which cause Lisa to exclaim, "I'm a freaking Buddhist!" LoL good stuff. Lisa decides to take Larry for a walk, but he ends up falling down a storm drain.

During this time, Abe continues sharing stories with Goldman. He tells him about how he was a shoe shine boy and that he would see celebrities when the Tinseltown Starliner stopped in town. He even convinced Clark Gable to star in Gone with the Wind. Homer tries to bring Grandpa Simpson liquor, but they end up fighting over their lack of a relationship. So, Homer decides to go to Mr. Burns for stories. Although they are a bit too explicit with Mr. Burn's evil life, Homer writes up a article for the paper. When he goes to submit his article, he sneaks into Marshall Goldman's office and learns of his plan to kill his father on the Tinseltown Starliner in order to win a Pulitzer Prize. He also learns that he only has about an hour to save his dad.

Meanwhile, Bart learns that Lisa dropped Larry in the storm drain and that Nelson would go crazy if the Lamb is not safely returned to school ("Nelson love a little lamb, it keeped him nice and sane"). As a result, Bart decides to go into the storm drain to save Larry. In the sewer he encounters rats, stray cats, and even Slimu (I forgot the story started there LoL). Eventually, he spots Larry and uses Larry to slide along a pipe, but Larry accidentally rips.

On the other side, Homer rushes to the Tinseltown Starliner. Although he initially misses the train and can't catch up using a horse or a segway scooter, Lenny and Carl help him to get aboard just in time to stop Goldman from smothering Grandpa with a pillow. Homer knocks away with his pillow, but Goldman pulls out a knife and then pulls out a gun. Homer fights him for the gun and gives him many blows, but Marshall doesn't stay down. Homer asks "How can you suffer this punishment?" and Goldman responds, "Because I'm the toughest SOB... a bi-weekly human interest columnist." Abe takes this as his oppportunity to hit him with a bottle, but it has absolutely no effect. Homer then pulls the trains emergency brakes and Goldman is hit by hat boxes that manage to keep him down. Homer and Grandpa hug and when they get home Abe encourages Homer to tell his 1st ramble. He goes from Godzilla to the Rollling Stone to the the Mitch album and on and on for eternity.... i think.

Overall, this episode was really good. I loved the plot twist with Marshall Goldman's plan to kill and his nearly infinite toughness. The whole Larry the Lamb story wasn't as effective, but I find Bart's carelessness with the toy lamb and Nelson's love for the toy very amusing. I also enjoyed the love between Homer and Grandpa touching.

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