Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"The Devil Wears Nada" Recap

In this episode of The Simpsons the flirtation between Marge and Flanders continues and nearly goes too far. I thought it was pretty shocking, but still expected. Everyone loves Flanders don't they.

Well the opening consisted of The Simpsons in their prehistoric form. They sit on a log on a tar, they then sink and they are on display in a museum hundreds of years later.

Well the episode started with a goodbye to Homer's retiring manager Ted. Homer hopes that Burns would allow him and his friends to supervise themselves and he unvisions himself and his unsupervisable racing cars in the plant like in the Italian job. Unfortunately for Homer, Mr. Burns makes Carl the new supervisor or "King of the Morons." Instantly Carl is not as fun.

As for Marge, she is at a meeting for the Springfield Charity Chicks with the other mothers of the town. They are known for fundraising events, for example, they sold snacks in order to raise funds to combat childhood obesity. Which makes complete sense of course. This time they decide to make a historical calendar to raise money. At the photoshoot, they all get drunk start to "caliente pictures," or in other words they start to undress. Eventually, Marge gets naked which may explain her spread in Playboy LoL. When the calendar comes out it is full of risque pictures of Marge and the men of the town go crazy. Marge can't even remember taking the pictures. Bart has to deal with harassment from his fellow classmates like Nelson who say things like "I'd like to get quizzical with Bart's Mom." Like any other kid, Bart is annoyed by all of this attention.

Meanwhile, at work Homer has been promoted to Carl's executive assistant. Carl works Homer to the bone and Homer begins to ignore Marge. To make it up to Marge gets them a hotel room, but he gets a call from Carl to go to Paris for Paris Fission Week (I'm think Fashion Week would have been a little more fun:)

In her anger at Homer, Marge throws a polo stick and it accidentally hits Ned and invites him to dinner to make it up to him. At this time Homer is in a beautifully drawn Paris where he is fulfilling every need of Carl. Homer is reminded of Marge everywhere he goes in Paris and when he learns that Carl wants to stay in Paris indefinitely he decides to leave. And he is only able to do by blackmailing Carl.

Back in Springfield, Flanders goes over to Marge's house for dinner alone because Rod and Tod were punished for watching a commercial of Grey's Anatomy. LoL only Flanders. So, the whole attraction starts with Marge being turned on by Flanders wet shirt and you know Flanders is ripped. In the words of Homer, "darn sexy Flanders." Marge and Flanders nearly make out, but the moment is interrupted by the microwave bell. For dinner they have strawberries and cream...very healthy choice. Theya most kiss again, but Homer shows up. He ponders "my wife and my worst friend. Could it be?....nah."

Oh yeah and as he ponders he sees Marge and Flanders making out and rocking the house with their lovemaking and the dogs are doing the some in their dog house. I thought that was pretty gross and ventured into Family Guy territory...not my taste at all. But the episode was really good. I loved how they drew Paris with its dreary coloring, but beautiful structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph (?), Notre Dame and the add ins like Le Krusty Burger. It was also a very creative story line. Hope you enjoyed it too.

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