Monday, June 8, 2009

Recap of Sunday's Episode, "How the Test was Won" coming soon :)

Hey a recap will be up soon for the first rerun I have seen since the season finale. Check back later.

Update :
Finally, time for the recap. I removed my acrylic nails so now it is much easier for me to type. My fingers might not be lookin' good anymore, but Sunday's episode of The Simpsons sure did. It was entitled, "How the Test was Won" and consisted of 3 main story lines. However, it began with a first day of school party held by Marge and Homer. The kids were now the government's problem as Homer put it. I wonder what kind of summer they had with Bart and Lisa? Well, after the party the story was sorted into 3 story lines.

Marge asked Homer to mail the insurance bill which led to the first story line. Homer failed to deliver the insurance bill and became liable for the injuries of anyone on there property. Which eventually led to a injury prevention fiasco. Do regular people really get this type of insurance? is what I was left asking. But after watching the montage of Homer getting hurt ("what a week") I was convinced that it's necessary for some people.

The second story involved the VPAT test that all the Springfield elementary students were required to take as a result of the No Child Left Alone act, a play on the No Child Left Behind Act. As a result of this new standardized test the teachers began to teach students to pass the test, but to an insane degree. Krabopple taught common answer keys (ACACA-DABACA-ACABA) while the gym teacher used bombardment to help the answers to sink in.

Before the actual exam the school administered a practice exam that Lisa felt she aced and that Bart felt was pointless and bubbled in answers to form the words "Slurp My Snot." Lisa was shocked and complained to Homer that Bart was throwing away his future to which Homer responded in a sarcastic tone, "Oh no! Now who will sell oranges on the off ramp?" That has to be one of the funniest lines in Simpsons history. It was even funnier when Bart and Homer laughed at the statement. Gotta luv the Simpsons.

So the day of the test comes and Bart is informed by Principal Skinner that due to his amazing score on the practice exam he didn't have to take the test, but instead would get a helicopter ride along with all the other "Superstars." Turns out the helicopter was really a the school bus and that superstars included the bullies and Ralph. Bart immediately realized that this was a sham or a "con air"and Chalmers revealed that it was a way to keep the underperformers from messing up the test averages. Superintendent Chalmers sent Skinner along with the students to Capital City where Ralph got lost at MLK Jr. and Ceaser Chavez Way (ay carumba!) other words the hood. Skinner heroically saves Ralph from a garbage barge using the theory of angular momentum (i think) and the "Superstars" learn the importance of education and physics. Lisa who found herself struggling on the test was happy when Chalmers threw the test out as a result of Skinner's discovery that children learn from the real world.

Now back to the 1st storyline. When Homer finally realized that he forgot to mail the letter, he quickly sent it the insurance company. But he knew he wouldn't be insured til three, so he struggled to keep the people at the book club safe. There were hidden dangers everywhere. He succeeded until Burns got hit in the head with a knife and blood spewed from his ears and nose. Marge learns that she should never trust Homer with a simple task.

...did I mention ends with a Footloose performance in the cafeteria used for testing. I really liked this episode. Many classic lines and such, but it was kind of forgettable. Overall, can't wait to see it again.

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