Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"No Loan Again, Naturally" Recap

Well like I said in the previous post this episode was difficult to keep track of because I had to think of a way to recap and not make the post super long. I really don't like looking at all those words when I post it, but here I go. First I will start with the episode description on IO:

"When Homer and Marge's adjustable rate mortgage skyrockets, they have to put their house up for sale."

Couch Gag: the couch dies of wear and tear and is buried. They go to find a new couch from the ranch. Homer attempts to ride one and ends up hurt. They take home the cow spotted couch and Homer sits on it with a full body cast :)

And on to the recap...
Well the episode starts with Homer preparing for his annual Mardi Gras Party. Bart gets the Zydeco music while Grandpa lays in a coffin as the funeral procession plays and joins in by playing a trumpet. Mayor Quimby opens the party and Homer rides around in a huge dragon float and throws frisbees. One of which hits Flanders. Marge forces Homer to invite Flanders, which he does with his head through the fence. As he talks to Flanders through a fence people stick their heads through to vomit on the lawn and even Moe and Nelson's mom put their head through to make out. Which is funny because she thinks that he is a kind talking dog. All in all Flanders decides to join the party and in the end ruins it with a 12AM announcement of Ash Wednesday.

As the guests leave Lenny asks Homer how is he able to afford the party and Homer explains that he uses the home equity and the house ends up paying for it. I don't know much about home mortgage rates and all that stuff, but when Lenny said he didn't think that was how it worked, I could't agree more. Soon Marge gets a letter from the bank stating that their loan has been readjusted and they go to see their lender. Who is their lender you might ask? None other than Gil. I personally would prefer the blonde working women with the short hair.

So yeah they go to see Gil and he promises to help them because America takes care of their middle class....umm sure. So of course, with all the fees they find that they can't afford their new monthly payment, eventually their home is foreclosed, and put up for auction. Marge feels horrible and Gil encourages her to learn to make soup form rocks and grass and use the sun and hobo fires to cook it LoL. Gil obviously has experience in that area. So Marge being the strong one cries while Homer attempts to hang himself from a tree that thankfully falls over from his weight.

At the aunction, Mr. Burns tries to buy the house for his shoes, but Flanders outbids him and agrees to rent the home to the Simpsons. They are all so greatful that they turn a sign that says "Screw You, Ned!" to "Bless You, Ned!" But Flanders is not ready for the type of tenants that the Simpsons are. They force him to make dozens of repairs and when he refuses to do one they complain that he only comes to see them when the rent check is late...event though it was late. They even call the news station in a "Help Me Harry" style to complain about the kind of Landlord he is and characterize him as "Evil Ned" and as the "Worst Person Who Ever Lived." Umm didn't he just save them from homelessness?

Anyway, Flanders nails a notice to vacate on the Simpson's door. As they wonder what it is, Lisa guesses that maybe the document is theses to which Homer replies "ill thats gross" LoL I loved that joke...you know...because theses sound like feces...lol good stuff. So, the Simpsons search for a loophole and discover by moving granpa they can't get evicted because he is a senior citizen. Eventually, they decide to leave him at home to get ice cream, but they find that their stuff is out on the street. It turns out that Flanders moved Grandpa to his house.

The Simpsons are forced to go to a homeless shelter which is pretty sad, but hey they were jerks. But Flanders being the Christian he is allows them to move back in by denying a Flanders like family who decide to sue Flanders because he took back the offer. Flanders agreed that they should and would be a great way to keep in touch...Flanders is weird. So yeah the Simpsons moved back and the neighbors all decide it's time to move out. Homer reacts by saying...I really hate this neighborhood.

Overall, it was an okay episode. I didn't really like it but it had some funny moments and that heartbreaking scene in the homeless shelter. I think that by returing to those more serious moments it can make the Simpsons more like it used to be. But thats just my opinion. I hope you enjoyed the episode, too.

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