Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Post: "Gone Maggie Gone" Recap

Well here is the recap of the latest Simpsons rerun. The couch gag of this episode was Ralph hitting the couch as a pinata and the Simpson family eventually falls out. I like anything that involves Ralph :)

So, the episode starts with a solar eclipse. As a result, sunscreen company employees are jumping off their office building and solar powered cars stop working. Homer breaks his eclipse viewer box and Marge lends him her own. Unable to resist the temptation to look at the eclipse, Marge eventually looks up at it and her eyes are quickly burned my the emerging sun. As a result, Doctor Hibbert bandages Marge's eyes and encourage her family not to stress her out or her eyeballs would explode like in those old cartoon shows.

When Marge arrives home, things immediately go wrong without her help. Reminds me of the episode where Marge leaves Homer and the house immediate runs a mock. In this case, rats have taken over the kitchen. Homer thinks that this would have Ratatouille results, but he forced to buy poison. When returning home with the poison, Homer accidentally drives off a bridge and is forced to leave Maggie in front of a church in order to get Santa's Little Helper and the Poison across a river. Maggie is taken in by the Nuns of St. Theresa and they refuse to give Maggie back.

In order to get Maggie back, Lisa joins the convent ("how do you feel about kneeling?"). A bitter nun, who doesn't like the fact that she is not able to play quarterback during the all nun football games, reveals to Lisa that the nuns want a certain gem. After figuring out the first 2 clues easily (playing heart and soul on a organ and reading every other word of the second clue) she discovers that she has to find the biggest ring in Springfield. This initially leads her to a clock tower. She is hesitant to go inside when she reads the sign "Do Not Enter," but enters anyway when reads the secondary sign that states "I'm a Sign Not a Cop." Inside she encounters the Brethren of the Quest (Skinner, Comic Book Guy and a Quest minivan) who are also after the gem. Eventually, Lisa figures out that the biggest ring is the "RING" in the SPRINGFIELD sign.

When they get to the sign they encounter Mr. Burns who also wants the gem. On the sign they find clues on the letters that read out "Great Crime Kill Holy Sage." Lisa figures out that it is anagram. Burns tells Lisa to figure it out and orders the Brethren to dig their own graves (Comic Book Guy calls on Superman to help him...dig the grave). Lisa figures out the anagram, "Regally, the rock gem is Lisa," but once they arrive at the church the nuns inform her that anagram actually states, "It's really Maggie Sherlock." Lisa accurately points out that this would only make sense with her first guess...I guess it's all part of the prophecy. As the gem child Maggie sits on the "throne" of the church and brings happiness, prosperity and rainbow light to Springfield.

Marge who hasn't been fooled by Homer and Bart's attempts to act as Maggie and Lisa arrives just in time to claim Maggie thus removing all the good that Maggie has brought the church. Marge doesn't think God would ask a mother to sacrifice her child for the good of humanity...again. Homer leaves Bart as a gesture of kindness and once Bart is on the throne the floor of church splits to reveal hot lava and the roof collapses with raining fire. Overall, it was a strange episode. The Brethren in their hoods and nuns in the Catholic church all connect to the Davinci Code which is also mentioned in the episode. Since I have neither read the book or seen the movie I couldn't really make any connections. The episode had its funny moments, but it was not memorable and that anagram sucked. Can't wait until the next rerun :)

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