Friday, June 12, 2009

Futurama Returns!

Soooo yeah, I'm not really a huge fan of Futurama. I watched a few times because of the Simpsons like animation and Matt Groening's general involvement, but I never really liked it. I thought the robot was annoying and that the one eyed women was weird. Eventually it got canceled and I did not really care. However, I am very interested in the fact that it has returned. It kind reminded of me an animated show that shall not be named that was initially cancelled, but is now a huge hit...okay the show is Family Guy (not a fan of this show because I prefer wholesome humor and not it's crude counterpart). So yeah Futurama might have the same future.

Fox has recently ordered 26 new episodes of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen's emmy award winning animated show
(O'Neil). Hope all you die hard fans are excited.

O'Neil, Tom.
"Emmy Champ 'Futurama' has TV future! Bender will drink to that!" LA Times. 11 June 2009. <>

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