Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Goodbye to Lost :-)

I started watching Lost right before the second season premeire.  They were airing reruns of the 1st season on ABC in anticipation of the second.  I remember wanting to watch the series premiere, but I was hooked on some other show, so I only saw bits and pieces during the commercial break. I was interested, but too committed to my other shows.  But once I caught the pilot I was hooked.  I had so many questions that I knew I had to watch the second season to get on with my life. Little did I know the questions would not be answered and each season I would be presented with more questions than answers.  Still I loved every moment of it (minus Strangers in a Strange know the infamous Bai Ling/Jack's tattoo episode). 

On Sunday night (in May) the series ended and I wasn't disappointed. I got the hint from the creators (Damon and Carlton aka Darlton or Cardam) that there would probably be little answers, so I let go of my expectations and took the episode for what it was. I can only describe the finale as beautiful.  It's difficult to remember moments where I wasn't trying my best to fight back tears. The tears started with the Jin and Sun reawakening, came back full force with the Claire and Charlie reawakening, and as the episode concluded in the church and Jack straggling back to the bamboo forest where he first met the island they wouldn't stop. The pictures from the credit were just as painful to watch. I couldn't believe that that's where it began and that the journey was over.  No more Tuesdays where I turn up the tv and prepare to get LOST.  It was like an escape to a world beyond comprehension and that forced me to go to message boards and led me to (my fave pop culture website).

Although the series is over and many questions were left unanswered (why were Walt and Aaron so special? What were the exact effects of the Incident?), but I felt that it was still a very satisfying finale.  I haven't been through many planned series finales, but if they were all as touching as these I would always be satisfied (I'm looking at you Simpsons).  Just wanted to say thank you to Darlton and J.J. Abrams for creating such a wonderful show that really changed what TV meant to me and thank EW's Doc Jensen for both illuminating and spoiling a lot of the show for me.

Can't wait to find my next TV addiction.  It's comforting to know that there are some decent summer shows coming up like my fave Big Brother and new additions like Bad Girls Club (yup there is a summer season in the works) and Jersey Shore (I'm sure nothing will top the original, but there is always hope).

Until next time.

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