Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recap: "Judge Me Tender"

I'm super late on this recap, so I'll keep it brief, but as informative as I can based on my notes.

Well, the chalkboard was really interesting because Bart wrote "End of Lost: It was all the dog's dream."  This was particularly striking because Lost had just come to a beautiful, but disappointing end.

The episode starts with Bart and Homer giving Santa's Little Helper a makeover, so he can win the ugliest dog contest at their local dog expo. When they arrive at the expo Lisa and Marge begin to explore.  The get to a booth where Flanders has Jesus fish that bred himself. Lisa asks him "So that natural selction was the origin of the species?" (Some good old Darwin evolution talk) Initially Flander agrees, but when the fish attempts to evolve and walk out the fish tank, Flanders stops it and says not on my watch.  Meanwhile at the ugliest dog contest Moe, who can't find a seat at the contest,  argues with Krusty over the quality of his judging.  Moe then shows that he has good judging skills, one of his judgements include saying "PETA called saying you could kill this one" to describe one really ugly dog. When Bart presents Santa's Little Helper's backside as his dog he wins the ugliest dog contest.

After the contest, everyone in town is impressed with Moe's judging skills.  Moe is then picked to judge the crazy beard contest. In order to close the bar early he has the flicker the lights to make Homer and the rest of the drunks to leave like pests or rodents.  This leaves Homer to spend more time with Marge which actually freaks her out.  After messes up the house she drives Homer to a sports bar, but he only feels out of place.  Back at home Homer does more dumb stuff like taking apart their washing machine. Abe encourages Marge to push Homer toward golf.

After the beard contest the Rich Texan encourages to judge/hate on a great deal of  other contests including the bonsai, bully, and car competitions.  Moe then goes to LA to judge on American Idol. Moe meets Simon Cowell and Simon reveals that he is impressed by Moe, but he also encourages Moe not to be the mean judge because it will make him lonely. Everyone is mean to Moe and even Ralph curses about him while Simon just blends into the shadows with his black shirt.  After the first performance of an American Idol contest Randy used all his usual comments ("dog" "pitchy" ....the usual), Kara said you rocked it, Ellen just rambled on, and Moe loves the performance due to Simon's encouragement. Finally, Simon gives very harsh feedback and even mocks Moe's comments. Moe realizes he has been doubel crossed and attempts to kill Simon with a broken coke bottle (classic Moe <3). During the struggle, Moe is encouraged by Ryan to keep the bottle's label toward the camera, but he quickly hauled away by security.

Meanwhile, back in springfield Marge has to stop Homer from getting addicted to golf.  Moe returns to Springfield and is back in the bar.  He laments that he didn't rip out Simon's voice box, but is comforted by the fact that he did stretch out his shirt. There was bit with Murdoch and Jay Leno at the end, but my notes aren't clear. Overall, the episode was an okay way to end the 21st season. I love Moe, so that helped. Having all the Idol judges (the old ones) was good, too.

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