Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recap: "The Bob Next Door"

Recap coming soon. The Survivor finale is my excuse this week. Oh yeah and my laptop will be unavailable for a few days :-)

In this episode of the Simpsons they took the concept of craziness to another level, but that made it even more enjoyable. However, I am getting ahead of myself. This episode e started with the City of Springfield going through a budget crisis. At a town hall meeting they decide to make cutbacks. These cutbacks mean no more dead animal cleanups (cut to a scene where Krusty is shipping these dead animals for use at Krusty Burger). They also decided to release all low level criminals who do things like steal grapes and take multiple newspapers out of those weird newspaper boxes. Many people decide to sell their homes and move to Detroit for better lives (and that’s saying something).

As a result of all this movement the Simpsons get a new neighbor. Lisa and Marge are already fond of him after seeing his furniture and his hybrid car. Bart decides to introduce himself to new neighbor, but is freaked out when the stranger says “hello Bart” in a voice extremely similar to that of Sideshow Bob’s. But Walt, that’s the neighbor’s name, argues that he sounds like a lot people including Frasier

Everyone in town is smitten with Walt because he is really nice, but Bart remains suspicious. He tries to prove Walt is really Sideshow Bob by tempting him with Gilbert and Sullivan songs. They sing Three Little Maids from the Mikado (I think that’s the name of the musical), but Walt is shows no desire to join them. When Walt is out Bart searches his house and this forces Marge to take Bart to jail to check if Sideshow Bob is still there. When Marge arrives with Bart in the prison the prisoners start to catcall her, but in true fashion once she announces that she is married they leave her alone and apologize. When they arrive at Bart’s cell they see Sideshow Bob with pen in his mouth writing things on Bart dying. This comforts Bart, so he leaves with Marge. But Bob manages to escape when the guards attempt to help him as he chokes on the marker in his mouth.

Back at home Walt offers to take Bart to a baseball games and Bart happily accepts. While on their way to the game Sideshow Bob shows up at the Simpsons’ home and he is immediately attacked by Homer and Marge. But he manages to tell them that he is the real Walt Warren and it is believable because his voice is nothing like Sideshow Bob’s. They then wonder who is with Bart. We then cut back to the scene where “Walt” is driving Bart to the baseball game, but they drive right past the stadium. When Bart asks about them passing the theater “Walt” uncurls his feet from the tiny shoes and reveals that he is the really Sideshow Bob. He also uses this as an opportunity to sing all the Gilbert and Sullivan he wants.

Bob then explains how he performed a face transplant while in prison in order to take on Walt Warren’s appearance. And because Walt was a mild offender he was released a low level criminal. Back at home with Marge, Homer and Walt they search Bob’s home and find a room where he has dozens of pictures of Bart with knives through them (“Man that guy does not like Bart”). So, Homer and Marge take the car and go after Bart and Bob. Bart and Bob stop at rest stop and a diner waitress pulls a loose thread she finds on Bob’s neck and it loosens his face and it falls off and he rushes away with Bart. Walt, Homer and Marge stop at the same space and she pulls a loose thread on Walt’s collar and his Sideshow Bob face begins to fall off and the lady becomes convinced that she won’t find a man with a face that won’t fall off. She also convinces Homer and Marge that Bart has been taken to Mexico, but Warren heads in another direction because he isn’t convince

So, Bob takes Bart to the 5 corners in order to shoot him from on state, get hit in another state and then die in a third state which would make prosecution impossible. And he declares that it would be the “Best murder since Snape killed Dumbledore!” I was super excited to hear this Harry Potter reference, but Bart was disappointed because he hadn’t read the Half Blood Prince yet. Bob argues, and rightfully so, that it’s a 4 year old book. So, Bob tries to kill Bart, but Bart hops into the same state as Bob every time he moves. Eventually Walt arrives, steals Bob’s gun and tries to save Bart, but a Bee underneath his face distracts him and Bob gets his gun back. Meanwhile Homer and Marge are trying to translate Taco to a street vendor in Mexico. Luckily, Wiggum and police from many states show up to help them out. They found them because all hybrids have tracking devices because of the government. After Bob is put back in jail Ned’s cousin Ted Flanders moves in next door which equals pure torture to Homer- “Stop! Stop!”

Overall it was an awesome episode. I thought they would have been out of good Sideshow Bob ideas, but this was good. I was happy they decided to leave out his Italian family; they weren’t really fun for me. I especially like the whole loose thread bit. Great penultimate episode to this season of the Simpsons.

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