Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recap: "To Surveil with Love" Coming Soon

Sorry that I'm running behind on Simpsons recaps, but last week was my birthday and shortly after that I got really sick and finally I lost my home internet connection (thank God for my smartphone...Droid!!!). As soon as it's back on I'll get the last recap up and I'll also get a chance to see this Sunday's episode (I reallyyy want to see that Ke$ha moment). Check back soon :)

Well, I saw the Ke$ha title moment and it was a pretty good. I'm surprised that they managed to animate that whole thing while the song was still relevant.  In the clip a lot was going on, but there were cool moments like Bart singing Diddy's lines and Otto getting a little bit tippppssy.

fsWell the episode itself started in Moe’s bar where Duffman and co come by to refill the beer. While there they gave out a ton of free swag including Duff USBs. When Homer gets home he shows off all his free stuff including his Duff earrings. Homer uses his duff bag to bring things to work and when Smithers tells Mr. Burns about excess nuclear waste, Burns tells him to put it in Homer’s bag. When Homer goes to the Union Station to try their mac and cheese, he leaves his bag unattended it causes a ruckus in the station. When the authorities, which include a look alike of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character, detonate it there is a massive nuclear explosion. It’s considered a terrorist attack, so the mayor hires a British anti-terrorism consultant. This consultant is qualified because he tackled the problem of overzealous flower sales people (very My Fair Lady) and also encouraged the use of surveillance in Britain.

Meanwhile at school Lisa is invited to join the debate team after showing her use of logic. It’s the perfect extracurricular it requires no funding, so it can’t be cut. But they still manage to take away Ralph and the throw up kid who were being used as podiums. During one of her first debates Lisa takes on a girl named Meghan. Initially, Lisa does well, but soon Meghan starts to degrade Lisa for being a blonde. This makes the judges take her less seriously and undervalue her arguments.

When they consider using surveillance to help secure Springfield during the town hall meeting Lisa argues that it is an infringement upon their rights. But Lisa point is dismissed because they think that she is just a dumb blonde. When the call for the vote, they ask those in favor say cheese. Most people in the auditorium say cheese. They then asks those who disagree to say I hate America. Lisa almost says it, but stops just in time to realize that she and any others who disagree were being tricked.

Marge buys Lisa a book entitled Sally the Circle when realizes that Lisa feels out of place due to her blonde hair. But the dismal ending doesn’t help Lisa feel better. Even Bart starts to feel low when Krusty decides to make blonde jokes about boys. Lisa decides to do the unthinkable and dyes her brown. Lisa competes in a debate with her new brown hair and she receives compliments like “she is as bright as her hair is dark.” Once she finds that they convinced by her hair she exposes her blonde roots and they are all scandalized. She uses this as an opportunity to denounce all stereotypes. She tells them that not all blondes are dumb, not all fat people are jolly (Comic Book Guy is mad that Comic Con may be moving to Anaheim), and that some old people can drive.

Meanwhile, the cameras are installed and the cops hire a group of Butt-in-skis (includes Ned and Marge) to surveil and reprimand the townsfolk through the use of a nagging speaker. Marge is not comfortable with the position because she feels like she is prying and she is uncomfortable with Maggie watching people in a gay bar who she thinks are a part of Sesame Street (they really did look like Bert and Ernie and Big Bird). Ned really annoys the townsfolk with all his prying and judging. While mooning Flanders Bart discovers a blind spot for the cameras behind his house. When he tells Homer they begin to charge people to access this space and do whatever they want in the blind spot. Cletus’ wife drinks some alcohol to stop the kicking of her unborn child and they even drag race for about 2 feet. They try to hide it from Marge, but she finds out tells Ned and the blind spot terrifies him. He tells Rodd to make sure that they both stay in the house, but he replies that Todd’s not in the house (he’s being fed mice in the blind spot).

When Ned sees the area for himself he describes it as compressed super evil. In the end, they reach an agreement and decide take down the cameras (they use crossbows like normal people). That ends the episode of American Oafs, which is the reality show that the consultant made out of the Springfield footage. The Queen is upset, but not more upset than her Ralph-like son Prince Charles who ends the episode with the classic line: “my cat’s breath smells like cat food.”

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