Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recap: "The Squirt and the Whale"

"South Park- We'd Stand Behind You if We Weren't So Scared" and thus begins another high profile moment on the Simpsons. My Google Alerts have been going crazy with this homage to South Park by Simpsons writers. I'm just getting around to watching the episode now (I know I should of watched it earlier since LOST was a repeat tonight [still Ab Aeterno is an incredible episode], but I've been distracted).  Expect a recap of the whole episode soon, especially now that my internet is reconnected.

So, this episode starts with Bart and Lisa watching a trailer for a movie called Tic-Tac-Toe: X vs. O.  It is very Star Wars like, but Homer quickly puts the plug out of the TV. He does this because he their electricity bill is really high and quickly goes around the house pulling out all things that run on electricity in their house.  Lisa urges Homer to consider alternative energy and go to an expo featuring these innovations in energy.  But before they leave the house Homer turns on all the lights in order to deter criminals.  But Snake, who is waiting outside, is just annoyed that they think he is stupid enough to be tricked. So they go to the expo and they go to a booth for the Royal Danish Wind Society and learn about wind energy.  Homer decides to buy a fan although they said it would take him several lifetimes to pay it off.

When they install the enormous fan, Homer decides to cancel his electricity and declares "the Simpsons are off the grid!" (great for a Earth Week episode).  But living off of wind power alone proves to be very difficult.  They don't live in the Windy City, so when the wind stops blowing they are left with no electricity.  This leads Homer to declare that "the Simpsons are living intermittently."  When the Zii goes off Bart and Lisa fight and when the air starts to decrease in the kids' bouncy house they start to get wary.  Eventually, Homer uses regular fans powered by Ned's electricity in order to keep his fan going.  When Ned complains Bart and Lisa are forced to take turns pushing the fan, so they could watch TV.  But their luck changes when a storm comes to Springfield and they receive so much electricity that the TV lights are like X-Rays.

The next day Lisa and Bart decide to take a ride to the ocean.  There they find a beached whale that Lisa names Bluella. Lisa cares deeply for the whale, so she encourages people to keep it wet.  She even enlist the help of her dad.  He leads a group to try to push the whale into the water and a group of boats that try to pull it into the water, but all their efforts fail.  One night Lisa reads Bluella stories for Walt Whitman.  When she wakes up she finds that the military is using Black Hawks to lift the whale into the water.  Lisa is thrilled, but she when the whale jumps into the sky and floats in the stars she realizes that she is dreaming.  When she wakes up she finds that Bluella has died.  This was a really sad moment for me. I couldn't believed that it was dream sequence and that the whale actually died, but it got worse...more on that in a second.

Well Homer tries his best to comfort Lisa (Homer to Bart: "I'm trying to be a sensitive father you unwanted moron"), but she is still really hurt. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse head to the beach to poke the whale (it'll be the biggest dead animal we've ever poked).  But when they get there they find the police and other townsfolk attaching dynamite to the whale.  They then blow up part of Bluella and whale chunks fly everywhere.  This part of the episode really shocked me! I mean I guess it shows what they do with beached whales when they die, but it was pretty brutal and disgusting. Or maybe I'm just a sensitive person. 

The mayor then declares that they will make use of all parts of Bluella's body.  They Bluella perfume (I'm guessing it smells pretty fishy, but then whales aren't fishy, so maybe oceany) and whalebone corsets.  Homer tries to get Lisa over the loss by getting her a pet that will never die, an invisible dog, but the dogs proves to be unruly LoL.  This doesn't help Lisa though. She starts to hear whale wails (LoL whale wails). When she ventures to the ocean she hears the sounds again, but this time she isn't hallucinating. The wails were coming from Bluellas babies/calfs/whatever they're called.  But before she can even enjoy them they are surrounded by sharks.

Homer comes to the rescue using a boat that he took for a test drive.  He tries to kill the sharks with a harpoon, but an environmental duo in the Seahuggers stop him because they believe it's wrong to kill any kind of wildlife. Homer isn't convince and still tires to kill them, but Lisa sides with Seahuggers and Homer not to kill them.  As Homer declares his hate for sharks he falls into the water and the sharks surround him.  Luckily, the whales' father shows up just in time to save Homer.  As the entire Simpsons watches as the whales swim away, Lisa ponders whether they will be okay.  Homer responds yes and that the father whale is young and has two cute kids. He also says that he will probably move in with a "sexy, lady octopus," although he'll have to sell his old place - too many memories - and they will be some whale-a-puses on the way. Marge tells the family they will draw pictures of the story Homer just told.  And then they roll the credits with pictures of father whale and his new family and that Let's Go Sailing song in French.

Overall, I loved this episode. It was sweet and made you care about what was going on. I did not like the brutality of the disposal of Bluella, but like I said maybe this is what happens in real life. I also loved whole leave the lights on so robbers will think we're home bit, sounds like someone I know.  I also thought it was perfect for Earth Week.

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