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Recap: "Chief of Hearts" ...So Bromantic :-)

Yay I'll be able to watch this episode of the Simpsons live because The Amazing Race is not airing tonight. So check back for a recap soon.  I missed the Amazing Race, but it was great watching this episode in HD on an HDTV was awesome

OMG what a cute episode of the Simpsons.  Clancy Wiggums hasn't been the focus of many Simpson’s episodes, so this episode was really appreciated by me.

So, the episode starts with Marge driving Bart and Lisa to a birthday party for a kid named Dylan. The kids don't want to go because they don't remember Dylan and can't even remember what sex Dylan is. All I could think is who would name their daughter Dylan? Marge looks at the card to get an idea of who Dylan is but it is a fish themed invitation, so they still had no clue. They decide that they would know once they arrive and see the theme of the party. However, it is still impossible to tell because there was both a girly/princess theme table on one side and a superhero rumble on the other. Even the cake makes it difficult to tell. When Bart takes a bite of a cupcake he realizes it's carrot cake, so he spits the chewed piece out, puts it back in the cupcake and puts the cupcake back on the platter. A kid then picks up the same cupcake takes a bite and says "mmm moist"...gross!

The most important part of this party was that Bart encounters a group of kids playing with Battle Balls which they claim make "Digimon look like Pokemon." I have some insights on this. First of all these Battle Balls on based on these transforming magnetic balls called Bakugan. They are after my time, but I know about them because as a former summer camp counselor I had to deal with kids bringing these balls to camp all the time. They are pretty cool being that they transform when they attach magnetically to the cards or to other metal objects, but I'm way too old for that stuff. However, I am old enough that I watched both Pokemon and Digimon....and Yu-Gi-Oh. I liked each of these shows and find it strange that they implied that Digimon is better that Pokemon. Digimon was good until they aged 10 years after one season and started with a whole new group of kids. It threw me off and stopped watching the show and I'm pretty sure it was cancelled in America. But I think I'm done with this tangent.

Ok back to the episode. So, next we see what Homer was up to. He was walking to the bank while eating a candy apple (an odd snack choice), but when he gets to the bank we sees a sign that says no food allowed. So he puts the apple in his pocket and keeps his hand inside. But when the bank patrons see him with his hand in his pocket they assume he has a gun (he is 1/64th black LoL). When he tries to explain himself he finds himself unable to talk due to sticky candy apple. As he mumbles they assume that he is saying that he is demanding money and threatening their lives. The cops in the bank eventually taze him and he sentenced by the lady judge (oh no I forget her name) to 100 hours of community service. Homer is mad that he got community service ("but that's work!") and begs to go to jail instead. Good ol' lazy Homer :-).

So Homer's community service is supervised by Chief Wiggum. Initially Wiggum seems like he going to be really tough, but when Homer offers him a parmesan sandwich (Wiggum's wife banned him from parmesan) he begins to favor him. Instead of making Homer work with the rest of the other community service workers he allows him to chill and talk with him. When Krusty calls Homer Teacher's Pet, Wiggum grabs his nose throws and tells him to find his nose. Krusty chases it screaming "there was cocaine in there." Looks like Krusty has a really bad drug problem. Homer and Wiggum discuss things like their weight including sleep apnea and the fact that Wiggum has his underwear specially made in another country where they call him Daddy Round Round LoL. They then plan to hang out at Moe's while Lou and the other officer make of this budding bromance. As Homer waves Wiggum squeals "he likes me. Officer up! Officer up!"

The next day Homer and Wiggum have breakfast. When Homer complains about possibly being late, Wiggum escorts him with his sirening cop car and Homer feels like a pregnant lady. Meanwhile at school, Bart plays Battle Ball and challenges Ralph for his balls because they are the best. Ralph agrees to battle on the condition that if Bart wins he will teach him how to play Battle Balls (oh Ralph I missed you LoL). As they play Martin and Skinner listen in on their playing and suspect that something odd is going on with Bart.

We then go back to Homer and Wiggum who are spending a lot of time with each other. This time they are riding the cop car and Homer ask to search for himself on the computer (you know the one where they look up your license and stuff) and Wiggum allows him to delete his record. But Homer accidentally puts himself on Amber Alert and to fix it Wiggum just puts Moe in his place. After this Wiggum confides him Homer that he doesn't have many friends because people tend to fear him, but suddenly the get a call from Lou about a burglary. When they arrest Snake he charges him with burglary and killing a moment.

Back at school, Chalmers and Skinner tell Marge that they suspect that Bart is dealing drugs. When she goes home and eavesdrops on Bart and his friends playing Battle Balls, she hears them saying suspicious things like "you know how to roll them" and "this product is unbelievable. It's imported you know?" After hearing this out of context remarks, Marge is convinced that Bart is selling drugs.

Once again we get another moment of Homer and Wiggum hanging out. Wiggum confides in Homer that Ralph has a lot of worries, for example he worries what would happen if Superman suddenly decided to kill everyone LoL that is a scary thought. Homer tells Clancy that he is a good dad and Wiggum thanks him. They then get a call from Lou about an armed robbery. Turns out it was Fat Tony and his goons. When they go to arrest them Homer asks to cuff them, but when he tries one of the mobsters whips out a gun Wiggum rushes to Homer's aid and gets shot in the process. Wiggum is in a coma at the hospital and Homer keeps him company by reading to him and watching television while Wiggum is just laying there or falling off the bed. When Homer cries for him, he wakes up and calls him a good friend. When Homer asks to leave so he can see his family, Wiggum gets him to stay and read a story to him with a guilt trip

At the Simpsons home, Marge searches Bart’s room for the drugs. She rips open is toy and pulls out his drawers, but finds nothing but itching powder. When she asks Bart where he has been, he tells Marge that he has been getting higher and higher...scores on Battle Ball. Marge is relieved and finds the Battle Balls really cute. Immediately after learning this Bart flushes the ball down the toilet because if his mom likes it can't possibly be cool. The toilet clogs as he tries to flush it, but Bart believes that if the toilet can handle Homer it can handle the Battle Balls.
Meanwhile, Homer and Wiggum's friendships are facing some difficulties. Homer thinks that Wiggum has become needy and Wiggum thinks that Homer is a bad friend. They spend time apart, but the cop shows and pigs he sees on TV make him miss Wiggum. Homer then learns that Wiggum has gone missing and Homer is the only one who knows that Wiggum must be at the top of the Springfield hill. Homer meets Wiggum there and they bond over a bucket of fried chicken, Soon, they encounter Fat Tony who Wiggum tries to bust with only a chicken drumstick instead of gun. Needless to say they end up in Fat Tony's trunk. In the trunk Homer and Wiggum apologize to each other for the neediness and ungratefulness and Wiggum comes up with an escape plan. He uses his tongue to change the music CD in Fat Tony's car. When one of the mobsters comes to the back to change the music they attack him. When Wiggum sees the tire changer rod he figure out that it was poking him in the back..."explains a lot" (LoL one of those undercover jokes of the Simpsons that you don't really get until you're an adult). After this experience, Homer and Wiggum are happy to say that their friendship has found a happy medium. The episode ends with a montage of all the fun things that Homer and Wiggum have done together.

Overall, I thought this was good episode. It didn't exactly capture the heart that the Simpsons earlier episodes are known for, but it was still really cute to see this bromance grow, struggle then find a happy medium. I thought the story of the Battle Balls was a good secondary story. Funny in a typical Simpson’s way. And like I said in the beginning, I don't remember the last time there was a Wiggum’s centric story. It was nice hear about what he thought of Ralph.  This episode is currently streaming on Hulu.

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