Friday, May 1, 2009

Recap: "Father Knows Worst"

The title is obviously a spin on the classic television show Father Knows Best. I guess I'm too young to know much about it, but it did come up in one of my history classes this week (we're looking at 1950s right now). But Homer shows in this episode that although he loves his kids, he has his clueless moments...if you can call the last 20 years moments :)

Well the episode started with a new beginning. The Simpsons were swimming to the couch, Marge won and of course Homer drowned...totally brought me back to the Poseidon-like segment from the "The Wettest Story Ever Told". Comic book guy tried to save the day by getting a rope and his attempt ended with his floating, lifeless body in the water.

The episode itself consisted of 2 main story lines. Homer injured injured his tongue and was only able to eat the blandest foods. Having no other choice, he begins to eat lunch at Springfield Elementary because they have the most tasteless food. The other story line is Marge finding a sauna in the basement that initially leaves her with a fabulous, frizzy, fro.

Eating lunch at school and sometimes helping to serve, in his underwear, Homer begins to notice that Bart and Lisa are social misfits. As he puts it, one is a loser and the other is a loner. Bart spends his time putting noodles in his nose and binder rings in his ears while laughing like he is mentally disturbed (these were laugh out loud moments for me). Lisa has no friends which is probably because the girls act like Alex Whitney. Alex is from the episode "Lard of the Dance." You remember that her, she is the one who had a cell phone, encouraged the school girls to pierce their ears, and encouraged an awkward school dance. So, we know from past experience this environment does not suit Lisa.

As a result, Homer learns about and adopts helicopter parenting. It involves spinning around like a helicopter at your child's school...oh wait no, that is what Homer decided to do. Actually it involves being a hovering parent. So, Homer decides to help Bart with his project and help Lisa make friends.

With Bart, he helps him build Westminster Abbey, the parents in the shop are shocked at his daring. Otto on the other is too busy buying glue, but not to make model planes ;). He buys Lisa a book entitled Chick with Cliques and uses Moe and the drunks to illustrate how being mean and lowering others self esteem can make you popular.

So, Homer makes Bart's model for him, but accidentally crushes it. Bart almost wins the Next Top Model Contest (there was a fan of the show in the audience) because it is obvious that he had no parental help (does this remind you of certain Lisa who wears a mattress in the shape of Florida because their mother has a gambling problem and the only person who could help is Homer?...Well it should!). Okay so the result was familiar, but I don't mind. So in the end Bart admits he had no part in the making of the model.

Homer gives Lisa a cell phone decorating party that makes her popular, but I forget the ending oops I check it out later.

Where is Marge throughout all this drama you ask? Relaxing in the Sauna of course. She keeps it a secret because she doesn't want to risk Homer inviting Moe, Lenny, Carl or the others. The episode ends with Homer and Marge making love there.

I actually watched the entire credits for this episode because the music was done by those people who use their voices as sound effects. (I don't know their name). Overall, it was really good. Okay I'll proofread this post later and find out what happened to Lisa and update it soon. Hope you enjoyed the episode too.

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