Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simpsons Post Running Late; X-men Origins: Wolverine and other Summer Movie Opinions

Hey readers! Sorry my new Simpsons post is super late, but what can I say? Finals Suck! I have so much work to do, but I will say this: I thought the last episode was sooo funny! Bart the "loser" wearing his binder like earrings! priceless. I remember there was some typical repetiveness, but it was awesome. Unfortunately, I can't go on because I don't have my notes and I do not have time watch the episode again.
So I decided to just talk about some pop culture thing that is bothering me at the moment. I don't know if your excited to see the new X-men Origins: Wolverine. I thought I would be excited, but I'm not. It looks too mainstream for me, kind of like the incredible hulk. The new characters do not seem believable. Who is supposed to be? And that dude who plays Sabertooth does not seem believable at all.
I am willing to give the guy who plays Gambit a break because I actually think he might be able to pull off the role. But I guess I'll see one of these weekends.
Star Trek looks interesting although I have never been anything close to a Trekky. I think the lead, the guy who plays Captain Kirk is very pretty and I wouldn't mind looking at him for 2 hours.
My main summer movie is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I am obsessed with Harry Potter and I hope to make it to Chicage for the exhibition.
Okay I'll proof this later, but the Simpsons recap will be up before Sunday
K peace out

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