Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Coming to Homerica" Recap ... Not Affiliated with Coming to America I'm sure

Well this episode was symbolic of the immigration of Mexicans to the United States and even the immigration of the Irish to New York. Although the episode does in someway represent a political viewpoint that I happen to agree with, I think it would be satisfying to any viewer. It simplified the issue to the extent that it becomes about the people as opposed to the policies and I think this is a great way to appeal to all audiences. It also made the hypocrisy of some of the viewpoints very clear. But I'm not here to judge, but to let you know how I felt about the episode... if that makes sense.

Well the episode starts with the health food craze that has engulfed America (in NYC it is definitely big). So in order to take advantage of the trend like many other fast food restaurants, Krusty decided to create a burger using the cheapest vegetable available, Barley, from Ogdenville. Ogdenville is a town adjacent to Springfield with Norwegian residents that specializes in all things barley. When all the residents of Springfield rushed to get a taste of this new burger, they all became sick. This is because the barley was tainted with the pieces of a rat that got stuck in one the Ogdenvilleans harvesting tractor. Gross! An Ogdenville citizen foolishly reveals this during a television interview that he didn't even know had begun. As a result the town is ruined. They are forced to close down all their refineries and other barley related businesses and they soon begin to migrate to Springfield. I think this presents both a hilarious view of the cause of the immigration. Tainted food because a single rat, but then again Krusty was choosing the cheapest vegetable that he could find. So I guess there is fault to pass around.

These Ogdenvilleans are hired by everyone around town. Homer hires quite a few to affix his rain gutters and Marge is finally able to afford a nanny. Everything seems well until the population of Ogdenvilleans become a nuisance. Maggie's first word is marred by a Norwegian accent, the ER is packed with Ogdenvilleans (who I suspect do not have regular health care) and Moe no longer sells Duff, but a strong liqueur called Aquavit. Homer even starts to wear Norwegian garb. Very similar to the whole "Mexican Problem" in the US.

The first solution to the Ogdenville problem is to create a border patrol. Originally it is inept because there were only two police officers. Eddie was nursing an illness. Soon they enlist towns folk who are equally inept because they are drunk (with beer and power) and have guns. It eventually becomes necessary to build a wall to keep the invaders out. Of course they hired the Ogdenville residents to help construct and erect it. In the end, they decide to allow the Ogdenville residents back in because they are pretty alright. Being the smart people they are, the residents of Ogdenville made sure they created a door just in case. So there was no breaking down the Berlin wall moment.

This episode was a great commentary on current issue of immigration. It reminds me of the episode "Much Apu about Nothing". In that episode the Mayor Quimby uses immigrants as a scapegoat for the problems the town is facing, so Apu takes the citizenship exam. This episode was not as heartwarming, but good nonetheless. It was a great end to season 20.

Now that the season is over, I'll probably watch the repeats and complete some recaps for the earlier episodes.

Until next time Namaste!

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