Monday, April 13, 2009

Starting a Blog

Welcome to my Simpsons blog. I felt compelled to start a blog about the Simpsons because I did a search and could not find any decent blogs about the Simpsons. I've seen reviews and synopses(?) under and tvguide, but no wholesome blogs. This might have been a result of my searching skills (Google can be difficult at times I guess), the fact that shows like Family Guy rule television now, or that it is illegal (I guess I'll see soon). But I guess I'll try some more research later.

As for now I decided that my blog will be in the same style as the recaps. A synopsis mixed with personal insights about the new episodes that air on Sundays. I might also squeeze in some blogs about episodes that are on during the week and I will definitely find time to blog about my favorite episodes (por ejemplo The Trilogy of Errors).

As for now, I am still a very busy college student, trying to finish up my last semester. My writing skills are okay, but I know I am prone to many errors (especially if I don't proof my writing a million times, so I hope there is an edit option on blogspot). But anyway...
Welcome to my blog and return for some recaps in the future!

1 comment:

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