Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recap: "Postcards from the Wedge"

Just finished watching the episode and I loved it. Check back tomorrow for a full recap. I would do it now, but I have work later tonight and have to prepare for Lost tonight. Tune into Lost tonight on ABC at 9pm ET.

Took me a little longer to get to this recap than expected, but here you go.

So, the episode starts with Bart in class watching a cartoon entitled "Springfield of the Future."  The cartoon was very Hannah Barbara inspired.  It was very much a Jetsons-like future.  It encouraged the use of the cars by men over public transportation by showing that many germs could be exchanged through just the act of talking to each other ("You might as well be kissing").  The showed that there would be a skyway and claw used to pickup your kid from school (crushing possible).

After the video, Mrs. Krabappel asked them to take out their Hopi Indian Pueblo Project. Bart, who forgot as expected, tried to build something using the crap from his desk, but she wasn't fooled and decided to send a note home to Bart's family. She secures the note to Martin before having him deliver it to the mail box.  Bart chases Martin to the mailbox, but is unable to get through huge group of 6th graders ("I have unwanted boner" random line from a passing 6th grader).

In order to stop his parents from the receiving the letter Bart pretends to be sick. He rubs his ear, so when Marge uses the ear thermometer he would have a high temperature.  Lisa recommends she double check his temp, so she decides to use a anal thermometer. Before leaving the room Lisa tells him to "close your eyes and think of Milhouse." It took a minute for that line to sink in LoL. Another knock at Milhouse's sexuality and Bart's relationship with him. When Marge leaves the room, she confirms that Bart is indeed sick and has a high temperature. Lisa begins to ask Bart how he managed to fake that test, but he promptly tells her he does not want to talk about it. A lot of horrible possibiltites crossed my mind at this moment.

So, Bart waits inside the house by the door for the mail, but Homer retrieves from the outside first.  The letter reveals that Bart is a month behind on homework and at a meeting with Principal Skinner, Homer and Margge are shown this missing work.  Homer is angry and demands that Bart is given more homework because he wants him Korean by the time he's done....once again it took me a minute to take this one in.

However, Marge has a different reaction than Homer. She is worried about Bart being overwhelmed (I hate to be stereotypical, but that is such a mom way to view things).  So, Marge encourages Bart to watch a Pokemon-like cartoon instead of doing homework, but Homer stops him and forces him to work harder.  Marge undermines Homer again. This leaves Bart confused because he is being encouraged to do opposing things.  He decides to disagreement to play his parents against each other so he doesn't have to do any work.

So, when Homer makes him do work he complains to Marge about his huge workload and tells him to go out and play. This makes Homer mad, but Marge while in church just prays to that Homer learns to  agree with her. At home, Bart watches an Mouse, an Itchy and Scratchy that is just like house.  This little segment has been making a lot of waves on the internet.  In the episode, the cat comes to Mouse to take out a splinter, but Mouse cutts off his legs and go through a checklist of procedures including one that encourages Mouse to sever his body. Homer is upset that Bart is watching television and he and Marge have a huffing and puffing fight. Soon, they have problems just agreeing on a restaurant and Lisa tells Bart he is officiallly a sociopath ("at it's a path").  Homer and Marge continue to fight. Homer wants to be the first husband to win a fight, but after dreaming that he hits Marge with his "I Won the Fight" float, he decides to apologize. From then on Homer and Marge agree not to let Barts crazy behavior get in the way of their love ("Marraige is more important than Bart's future"). 

Meanwhile, while attacking Skinner with sugar water balloons (it attracts bugs), Milhouse and Bart stumble upon an old Springfield subway station and train.  They ride the train through town causing tremors that disturb the foundations of many buildings in town.  However, Marge and Homer could less about Bart's mischeif and Homer yells compliments at Lisa. 

Bart is disappointed by his parents' indifference, so he goes to the school bullies for guidance. Nelson tells him that he is missing the rush because no on is PO'ed (my fave word).  So, Bart decides to do something big. Once he discovers that the tremors are destroying the school, he decides to completely destroy Springfield Elementary witht the train. After finding a note from Lisa about Bart's plan, Homer rushes to stop him.  Just in time Homer pulls the trains Kill Switch and stops the train.  Skinner and the children rejoice and decide to raise the flag.  Unfortunately, the flagpole falls over and hits the school causing it crumble.  Homer and Marge return to their natural strictness with Bart and he is relieved.  Bart appreciates this change in attitude.  

At the close of the episode, Lisa confronts Bart about the letter that she supposedly wrote and we learn that Bart sent the note because he didn't want to get caught. Lisa tells Bart she won't tell their parents and they will continue to think of him as a "souless little psycho."  (Great line).

During the credits they show more of the family of the future.  Like the Jetsons it's the future, but they read the newspaper on paper versus an Ipad or something.

Overall, I thought this was a great episode. It had a good story and it flowed really well.  There were some hilarious one liners and they were actually risque. I think they're pushing the envelope for The Simpsons, but with Family Guy out there it's not going to make any real waves.  I'm surprised that the Mouse segment is getting so much attention. I guess there are a lot of House fans out there. Alas, no I'm not one of them. Oh well :-)

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