Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pop Culture: My Life as Liz Photo Post

I've been talking about this show a great deal. I love the hipsterness of the main actress. I took some pics of my tv while watcing the season finale so you can see the awesomeness of hipsterism and My Life as Liz.
Crop top, short shorts and maybe fishnets probably from a thrift store...very hipster

LoL..odd pic, but the kicks (sneakers for those who don't know) say hipster to me. Oh and the no matching.
They shop in thrift stores, but own Mustangs ... hmm... Hipster!

Umm wearing cap rim up and I think it's one of those annoying Ashton Kutcher type hats... Outdated hipster for sure.

Oh and the cruiser bicycle, hipsters are pro-environment.

Sorry for the hipster stereotypes, but hey I'm not hating on it. I actually love it.  I don't get the lifestyle, but I do love the fashion. Oh and I really want a bike.

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