Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Moon DVD: Borders Special Edition DVD and Midnight Release Party Photo Post

On Saturday March 19th I attended the New Moon DVD at the Borders at Columbus Circle, NYC. I went to this location because Twilight Lexicon and Twilight Moms were hosting a live podcast. It was interesting to hear their stories about visiting the set of New Moon and the video from the stars of Twilight were also pretty great.
I went to the Borders DVD release party because I wanted their edition of the DVD.
I got their editon of the Twilight DVD as well. It was signed by Edi Gathegi. I might post pictures of that Midnight Release Party as an update on this post.

This is what you see when you open the first flap. Looks a lot like the Eclipse One Sheet right? The eclipse one sheet and sneak peek are so much of what we've seen before. But the Walmart edition did have some interesting Eclipse footage. You can check it out on youtube.
When you open it all the way you have the second DVD and then it has the necklace that comes out of the pouch in the middle.  The necklace has two sides. The side that is showing has the Cullen Crest and the other side has the wolf pack tattoo. I would wear on the Wolfpack side of course.
LoL I saw this shirt in Target the other day. Team Jacob all the way :)

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