Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pop Culture: LOST, My Life as Liz, and the Bad Girls Club

My Life as Liz was new last night. Once I can't recall the story...it was generally about prom...but I do remember her outfits including that hideous prom dress.  Luckily, neither Liza nor her friend Taylor thought it was at all flattering. If haven't discovered this little hipster gem of show tune in now or at least check out the website.  By the way I'm starting to think I'm a hipster. Hipsters are supposed to be those people who are into alternative culture and clothing.  But now that the alternative is becoming more mainstream that must mean pop culture is becoming more of an alternative culture....hmm that made more sense in my head...guess I'll stick to just trying to dress like hipster.

Have you been keeping up with LOST??? Well my brother and I read a theory and now we are beginning to believe that the fake Locke is a bad guy. I was hoping he was good guy or anti-hero, but we're not so sure. If the castaways correspond with the numbers of the Valzenetti equation (the equation that equals to end of the world). Is it possible that the monster/fake Locke is trying to kill them off in order to guarantee the end of the world? ...you know since it seems like he is trapped in our world.  On the other hand, the others in the Temple are trying to keep them alive to save the world.  Plus look how scared Richard is of him and did say that he wants them dead.  Hmm I can't think of the rest of the reasoning behind this at the moment, but I will if I do.  Well a new episode is on tonight. Make sure you check it out. ABC at 9:00pm est.

Ooo and you know what else is on tonight...Bad Girls Club!!! The show I've been following since the first season. (I actually saw a clip of the fighting on the Soup and have been hooked every since).  Tonight is a clip show before the final episodes.  It should be interesting.  I mean, all the real bad girls have already left the house (Portia, Flo, Natalie), but it looks like Kate smacks or punches Annie. That won't be tonight, but I do hope the clip show is good.  Check it out on Oxygen tonight at 10pm and it repeats until like 2am.


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