Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Million Dollar Maybe" Recap

This episode starts with Spiderpig web-slinging across The Simpsons title. Ughh I never liked Spiderpig. I enjoyed the commercials for The Simpsons Movie featuring the pig, but the constant ringtone commercials was a little too much for my taste. There was also a Iphone coach gag...umm I biased because I have a Droid. Ido what the Iphone doesn't. Now thats a commercial I enjoyed.

Well the episode begins with Marge and Homer practicing a toast/song that they plan to perform at Valerie and Dave’s wedding (their cousin). They plan to steal the focus from the bride of course. The other story has to do with Lisa going to volunteer at the nursing home as usual, but she finds them staring at white noise because they don’t have a digital converter. Lisa decides to get them a converter. However, once she gets to the store she sees Mr. Burns having an amazing time playing on ZIi ( a Wii in the real world…you know like MyPod vs. Ipod J. So, after witnessing Burns’ first smile Lisa decides to get a Wii, oops I mean a Zii. Where she gets the money for this, I have no clue, but I’ll just go with the flow.

In the meantime, Homer is at work reading Chinese Fortune Cookies with his friends Carl and Lenny. Carl’s fortune tells him that he will find something that he lost. A second later Carl declares that his faith in God had returned. Homer’s fortune tells him that he would have a lucky day. Suddenly, Homer slips and crashes into a vending machine and all the candy pours out, so the prophecy or the fortune cookie that is, appears to be true. Homer then finds a CD on his way to the car and it has music that he likes. On the way to the wedding, Homer decides to buy a lottery ticket because it his lucky day and he uses the numbers on the back of the fortune cookie. But by stopping to get the ticket and waiting on a super slow moving line, Marge is forced to do the toast alone and it is extremely embarrassing because she decides to only sing her part. She then starts to cry and tries to drag Bart into it. She is then booed and people begin to cry “Why won’t she stop?” Yep it was that bad.

Homer rushes to the wedding, but accidentally drives off the cliff. We also see the newest character, La Bomba, driving on that hill and he chooses that moment to say his signature line, “Soon you will be mine” just before he crashes his car. Homer wakes up in a hospital to a broadcast where he learns that he won the lottery. He’s excited, but because Marge and the rest of the family are there he decides to calm the point of accidentally dying. But his soul makes his way back to his body and he finds the right level calmness. So his family won’t find out he missed the wedding toast to buy a lottery ticket, he has Barney claim the ticket. Homer then hides the money in the tree and gets advice from Barney to use the money to buy his family gifts and hide them, so they don’t know they are from him. To repay Barney for his help he allows him access to his adult magazines like The Economist.

Meanwhile, the seniors at the retirement home are enjoying the Zii. They just don’t understand it very well. They call the remote a wand and their characters puppets. After they play they begin demanding Bengay and meds for aches they develop. The nurses do not like this.
At home, the Simpson family is finding nice little gifts all around. But after Homer dislocates his arm the tree and Bart discovers that he has a tree full of money that he is trying to hide from Marge. Bart then encourages Homer to spend some of the money himself. So he gets a personal concert from Coldplay (guest star Chris Martin said something that wasn't memorable) and they go on Zero Gravity Plane Rides. When Homer realizes that he is spoiling Bart he threatens him, but Bart blackmails him into continuing to spoil him.

Back at the old folk’s home, Lisa sees that the seniors are once again watching static. She asks the nurses about the Zii and they tell her that the Zii was not dishwasher safe. Lisa realizes that they ruined the Zii on purpose and hate their job and they let her know that they already had the worst job before Lisa made things harder with the Zii.

Meanwhile in the Simpsons house, Homer is trying to stay on Bart’s good side. He even asks Marge about the gifts and we learn that she assumes she got thing like her Panini press from the “Gummint” as part of the Economic Stimulus Plan. Homer is also forced to be a Neanderthal for Bart’s presentation. Homer finally decides to confess to Marge that he missed the toast while playing and won the lottery while on a balloon ride. Marge then says screw the toast for 1 million, but Homer reveals that he already spent all the money. But he shows her a cherry blossom garden that he planted for he that says Love of My Life from above. She lets him off the hook and they sing the toast song. In the background, we see another Cherry Blossom garden with Homer saying “phew.”

Overall, this was a okay episode. It filled with some with some things that are hard to believe. Like where did Lisa get money for a Zii and why would Marge be upset with $1 million now in her pocket. But then again they make Marge so annoying sometimes that she might’ve been upset with $1 million. But in the real world it doesn’t make sense, but would like to know how Lisa would have felt about it all. But the episode definitely had it’s funny moment though.

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