Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simpsons News Consolidated; Yankees!

There have been alot of things in the news about The Simpsons lately because of its 20th anniversary. Wired has a really good article up about all the things that are going on including Ortved's book, the Scavenger Hunt, details about the new episodes premeiring soon and just ideas about why the Simpsons has lasted this long. Check out the article here.

Speaking of Ortved, check out a review for his book The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History here. The review is pretty good, but it does state that Matt Groening and other key figures are left out of the story and that he also disregards the shows later years (definite pet peeve for me there). But I still think I will check it out and so should you. Send me your opinions on it, too.

Also Congratulations Yankees! aka the Bronx Bombers! I am so happy that they won because (1) I'm from New York and (2) The Simpsons will be on at their regular time again. In addition, the Office will also be coming on afterwards as usual. Also a new episode of the Simpsons (Devil Wears Nada) will be on this weekend. Can't wait :-)

I also cannot wait until the Scavenger Hunt next week. I need to start preparing.

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