Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMAs 2009 tonight!

If you've looked through my blog you might've noticed that I love MTV award shows and that I like New Moon. Well those two interests will combine again at tonight's Video Music Awards in New York City.

It has been an exciting week in New York with the start of Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out to encourage shopping, and now the VMAs. I participated in Fashion's Night Out and watched as celebs excited the Fashion Week tents, but I will not be outside Radio City Music Hall to eye some celebs because I want to catch everything at home. I hope there is something interesting this year. I missed the year with Britney's awful performance because I was studying abroad in London and many other crazy moments because I was didn't cable. Other years that I've watched have been just plain boring. Hopefully, I will be able to witness something wild live.

Also I hop the New Moon trailer is worth watching and contains something new.

Enjoy the show! I'll update later and there is is going to live blog, so make sure you follow that.

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