Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Simpsons Get Africanized; Season 12 DVD; Pop Culture News: Big Brother and the Real World Cancun

Remember back when The Simpsons Movie came out and you could go the simpsonize me website and turn yourself into a Simpsons character? Well if not you can just look at my profile picture to see what it was like. Well now the Simpsons have become Africanized or have been changed in order to look into the typical Angolan family in order to celebrate the Simpsons being shown on Africa's digital satellite television service DStv. They gave Marge dark hair, Lisa braids, Maggie a pointy afro and Bart something like a slanted high top. I love the look. They will obviously keep their original looks in the series. This is the first time that Africa's digital satellite television service DStv and the first time series will broadcast on the African continent. Congrats Africa. I am happy to know that when/if I travel to Africa I will be able to enjoy the Simpsons. That is the only reason I survived studying abroad in London. What do you think of the new look?

In other news, Season 12 of the Simpsons, the best season ever (according to Comic Book Guy), just came out on DVD Tuesday. If you don't have it buy it now! I have yet to purchase any of the DVD sets for the Simpsons, but I plan to in the future when I get a good job and some financial stability LoL.

Pop Culture News
So do you watch Big Brother? Right now season 11 is airing on CBS and I have to say it is the craziest season yet. There was a overzealous player who lied not only to win, but just to tell lies. There were athletes who were controlling the game until America's Favorite Player was given a power (Coup D'Etat) that got rid of the strongest athlete. Next thing you know the athlete's followers were crying as if their evicted friend had just died and one got so fed up and broke soo many rules that the producers had to kick her out. Then during a later competition one of the followers got so drunk she went a drunken and hood tirade. This led to one of the nicest guys in the competition blowing up in anger. Did I mention super mean eviction speeches I mean I would write in more detail, but you're just gonna have to watch the show. Catch the full episodes on

What about the Real World Cancun? Talk about awkward. There is this girl named Jasmine on the show who continually throws herself at a guy who doesn't want her. When she realizes for the umpteenth time that the guy isn't interested, she decides to make moves on his seemingly gay cousin. It is so sad and pathethic. Be prepared to cringe if you watch this show.

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