Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avatar Spin-off! and some other Avatar News

Well the unexpected turn out for a critically panned The Last Airbender is that they will be making an Avatar: the Last Airbender spin-off.  The spin off is entitled Avatar: The Legend of Korra and will follow a teenage girl named Korra who is a waterbender avatar 100 years after Aang. I read somewhere that she will live in a town where Benders are looked down upon (kind of like the mutants in X-men). Are you excited? Check out a some interesting and in depth info from MTV.
In other news, I read in Indian Express  that Dev Patel was really disappointed by The Last Airbender and it's general reception.  Unfortunately for him, he was really trying to develop a career in the movie business and starring in a flop puts him at a disadvantage.  I feel sorry for the guy, but these things happen.  I doubt he'll get a part in a remake of the film, but hopefully he'll find work somewhere.

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