Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Controversial Banksy Opening to The Simpsons

The latest Simpsons beginning has been getting a great deal of press. The titles for "MoneyBART" was made by a controversial British artist known as Banksy. When I saw this news on EW, I was in shock because I was only confused by the new opening. I saw it's meaning about mass production and it's relation to underpaid asian workers and sweatshops, but I couldn't understand why they decided to do this.  I thought it was just another Ke$ha thing, but I had no idea how attention it would get. But I have to admit I love seeing The Simpsons on the news for being provocative and controversial. It's like the olden days :) Check out the Banksy opening on Hulu and check out more work from Banksy here.

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